Anyone know of a major carpet cleaning chain that

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by claudiaw, Oct 28, 2007.

  1. claudiaw

    claudiaw New Member

    doesn't use chemicals?

    i think Stanley steemer does, not sure about Drycon.

    In nashville, we don't have many eco friendly small business cleaner's like on the west coast.

    i have my own machine, but can't do it, and husband HATES to use it. It would be better to hire someone. It need's a really good cleaning.
    stanley Steemer has a 499 special, but according to the website it looks like they use chemical's.

    i thought maybe some of you wit chemical seneiviies could help me.

    i know I'll probably have to beg my husband to do it. Of fun!:(

  2. joyfully

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    I wouldn't use Stanley Steamer. They definitely leave soap residue in your carpet.

    What I normally do is to rent the rug doctor and do one room. As soon as I complete the room, I put plain water in the machine and REDO the carpet. This squirts plain water on the carpet and the machine sucks up this water plus any remaining soap residue from the first pass.

    you will be amazed how much additional dirt comes up with the second pass over the carpet.

  3. suzetal

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    And I use vinegar and warm water it gets everything out even pet stains./

  4. claudiaw

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    the problem is I can't. I'm unable to, my husband put's up a fuss, like he's building a new house, I hate to ask a friend to do it, partly because I'm embarrassed how dirty it is!

    I guess it's up to my husband.

    I love the vinger trick, husband say's the house smell's like a salad!

    well I was hoping for an easy solution, there never is.:)