anyone know of reasonably priced retreat?

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  1. simonedb

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    Hey --I want to go somewhere for a week or 2 where I could try to eat healthy, maybe even a wt loss aspect to the retreat place where food is doled out but no starving and gluten free available, and could do hiking and resting at own pace

    want to clean out and get on track with a few things

    when i google it some pretty expensive places come up

    somewhere reasonable weather and not pushy on tough sports....
  2. bigmama2

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    i have researched this before

    best place i have found is called tennesse fitness spa. has good reviews. call and ask about gluten free.

    also a place called deerfield spa in pa.

    where do you live simone?

  3. simonedb

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    I live in midwest but can fly, don't want to go off the continent and would prefer not to have to take a lengthy ride after landing in airport...
  4. simonedb

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    actually that tenn fitness spa is a great deal and sounds cool
    that might be a possibility
    its still a lot of money but like half as much or less than most
    whats the weather like there?
    downside is 90 miles from airport
  5. LittleBluestem

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    Do you want to cook for yourself? You could stay in a inexpensive suite with a kitchen and cook your meals. Some hotels are less expensive if you rent by the week. You might also find restaurants with healthful meals where you could eat part of the time. With a refrigerator, you could bring leftovers back to your room for another meal. You would have to ask if there was a grocery/health food store nearby with gluten free products.

    You would want to be in an area that grew lots of fruit and vegetables and/or had a large farmer’s market. (No I don’t know where that is. I think Seattle may have a large farmer’s market and a fish market.)

    State Parks can be good places to find inexpensive accommodations and recreation. I don’t know how many are near cities with large farmer’s markets.

    The Gulf Coast might be a good place to find inexpensive accommodations right now. Not all of the beaches have oil (and you won’t have beaches in TN anyway.) I think Florida has a lot of fruits and vegetables. I LOVED Clearwater Beach. I can’t recommend an inexpensive place. The place were I stayed has renovated and raised their prices and I had an off-season special when I was there.