Anyone know of Resources for Families in INDIANA?

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    Hi Everyone, As you can see by my profile I hardly get to post anymore since I have moved but I am in need of any resources anyone can suggest for families needing a place to stay. Please do not think this is a request for anything about money because its not we desperately need a place for myself, husband and our three kids to sleep for a short time. We are over 800miles from my immediate family right now and our kids are enrolled in school which they love and have really accelerated within this school district.

    The problem is since we moved here we had to move in with a family member and since we moved in other family (distant) has moved in and our daughter has asthma and they all four smoke and have 5dogs. I love animals please dont think I dont but my daughters allergies cant take going to the doctor constantly. To make a longer story shorter there has been chaos between family and now we have no where to sleep so I am asking if anyone is aware of anything like an organization please reply to me.

    I have already searched into our local shelter and they have to have the time to process the application which make take up to 3wks and my husband is working at a new job he just started. I feel it was a blessing to come up here but why has this happened to us now?

    To give you a better idea of where we are is 30miles east of Indianapolis,Indiana.

    Advise is all I am asking and thank you ahead of time. I may not be able to reply immediately since I am at the local library and I know I can't post anything too personal so I will check back after my husband gets off work at 4pm.

    Hope I am posting this on the right board? Thank You All!
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    I worked in Social Services for years. I live in NE Indiana. It can be very frustrating for those in need.

    Each city has Township Trustee's. You can contact yours and tell them what you are in need of, and your situation. Some are better than others. Try to find out your specific township. If you don't know, call United Way and see what suggestions they have. Call the Salvation Army. Usually there is a Catholic Charities, Lutheran Social Services, etc.

    Sometimes trustees's will help pay partial rent. If you can check with these resources in your area, maybe you might find some way to help you out. I would start with your United Way, and your trustee. If you do not know your township, UW should be able to help locate the appropriate one.

    I hope you are able to find help. I am sorry you have to be in this position, especially with the economy being as it is.

    Good luck! God Bless...


    PS.. just read your profile. We've lived in the Raleigh and Durham area's several times. We loved it. I am sure it was difficult to leave all that you are familiar with.. Take care..
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