Anyone Know Some Good Passage in the Bible about Forgiving Onself

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    Hi All,

    I was wondering if anything here know of some passages in the Bible that I can read about "Forgiving Myself"

    It find it easy to forgive others, but I find it very hard to forgive myself.

    I have done some BAD things in my life. I feel alot of self-hatred towards myself for what I have done in the past.

    I know that forgiving yourself is a very hard challenge.

    I already KNOW that GOD and Jesus will forgive me and that Jesus died on the cross for my sins. I have prayed and asked for forgivness. So I know that GOD and Jesus have forgiven me for my sins.

    But I have to feel and look deeper into my soul to find a little more inner peace within myself so I can move on with my life. I guess, to forgive myself, I need more than forgiveness from someone.

    It is more than just forgiveness, it is a process that takes a lot of time and learning a journey to get there.

    I find it hard to love myself and I feel that I need to be punished in some way.

    I hope that all of this makes sense to someone.

    Thank you for all of your help!

    Love and prayers.

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    I was asking the Lord what to say to you and I believe this is what He is saying to you.
    1. Read Ephesians chapter 2 and Romans 8. Actually the whole the book is good to read.
    2. It is by His grace that we are saved. We can't earn it. There is no more punishment for sin. Jesus did away with that. Sometimes there are consequences for our actions e.g. you speed and get caught you get a ticket but it isn't a punishment.
    3. I think you need a revelation of God's unconditional love for you just as you are. If you go to Bible and type in love, forgiveness, acceptance it will pop up a lot of verses for you to look up. I find that if I copy them out and personalize them it really helped me on the journey. It won't happen over night but it will happen if you are honest with God.
    4. Close the door on the past. What is done is done and you can't change it. God has forgiven you so just move on and don't dwell on the failures, regrets, could have, should have etc. It is pointless and will drive you nuts. If you are able try to get to church or a home group where people will love you, support you, and encourage you.
    God Bless you on your journey.
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    Hi again all, I have seen some of your names of the CFS/FM board.

    Sweetpotatoe, feel free to hang out here!! I just wanted to let you know that there is a book call "Forgiving Yourself". Got it from Amazon. You might try a book on this subject to help you too.

    You say that you feel like you are being punished (but like you said you are not being punished), but I, myself feel like I NEED to be punished. And I know how you feel abount living with yourself for what you have done, it is called self-hatred.



    You are very fortunate to forgive yourself easily. Sometimes it is harder for other people and their conscience. I have a few SKELETONS in my closet that I cannot let go of. I messed up, and I was not doing what was morally right. This is why I need to find a way to get past this and let go of the self-hatred. I would like to move on with my life. I have lived with this for a very long time.

    I loved your bible verse and explanation. It is one that I will write in my journal. I have been reading a book and here is a little piece of what it says: We can only correct ourselves, change our inner beings, and admit to ourselves that we were morally wrong. You have to change your values and morals, get to the root of why you did the wrongdoing, go back to it and figure out why it happened, and finally admit to yourself that you were WRONG!! I am about half way thru the book. But I am hoping it will help!

    Love and prayers!


    You are so sweet to think about me and ask GOD what to say to me. You are a GOOD PERSON!!

    You make a lot of sense.

    I will go to the website to learn more.

    I have to admit, you are so right about closing the door on the past and opening a new door. It is just me and I am having to take some steps to get there.

    I know that GOD has forgiven me, I just need to learn to forgive me.

    Love and prayers,


    You just told me a story that helped me a lot. It is obvious that he regrets what he did and feels a lot of self-guilt. It even sounds as he has became a very good person (being a fireman, wanting to help people in danger, rescusing animals). I will have to save this story too.

    What kind of 12 step program are you talking about. Is it in a book or do you go somewhere and meet with people?? Just curious, I need all the help I can get.

    I know that we can ask people to forgive us, but usually it takes more than just forgiveness from someone for us to actually forgive ourselves.

    And in my case, it is much harder, I cannot ask anyone for forgivenes, because they have passed on to the other side.

    Love and prayers,
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    I just posted another story on the CFS board a few minutes ago. It is under the same post. Have a look at it and read it, it will tell you my whole story.

    I do muster up a lot of strength when needed. I am strong willed.

    But on the other hand, I deal with Panic and Anxiety Issues because of my past.

    Thank you so much for praisng me on quitting!!!!

    I also hope the best for you!! Just take one day at a time. I think that it is real important that if GOD came to you, that you follow thru. He is trying to send you a message.

    I have another story. My Aunt had smoked for years and years. She had one of those things put in her throat about 15-20 years ago that she has to breath through. (Can't remember what it is called). She had some form of cancer and lived thru it.

    But she continued to smoke for years. One night, about 2 years ago, she had a dream. I do not know the details of the dream but it had to do with someone telling her to QUIT NOW.

    The next morning she awoke and has never smoked a cigarette since.

    I hope all of this helps you!! If I can help more, let me know.

    Love and prayers,
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    About forgiveness.

    You and I sound alot alike.

    You know what, we are somewhat different from others, some people do not care what past transgressions they have had and do not care about forgiveness.

    You and I have done things that are considered bad, just not little things.

    Just knowing deep in your heart that this is something that has eaten at you for years proves that you have a conscience and you have true morals. You broke those morals, as I did.

    Please try to get some help. I know I am.

    One more thing, I had learned that it really does not matter if the other person forgives you or not. Yes, it may help somewhat. BUT IT IS ALL ABOUT WHETHER YOU CAN FORGIVE YOURSELF!!

    Hope this helps in some way!

    Love and prayers,
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    I have also done things in the past that I have had a hard time forgiving myself for. I finally felt a few ash wednesdays ago when they asked us to write down a sin we have commited and fold it up. We prayed over them during the service and then we all walked out side in silence and we each one by one dropped them into a fire. I felt a weight lift from me then. I still have times that I wonder if my illness isn't my pentence, or that some of the troubles my kids have aren't like it says in the bible that "the children will pay for the sins of the parent". It has been hard on me. I regret what I did with my whole being. And I have given it to God. Sometimes I just think it takes alot of time a prayers and you will come to forgive your self.
  7. futurehope

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    That sounds like a great idea (about throwing a sin into the fire). Being at church and having everyone praying, I really can see where that would help a lot.

    I think that the point of having all of you praying together over past sins for each other would bring you much closer to GOD and really feel his presence in itself. Therefore, making it easier to let it go and move on.

    I have also heard in the Bible that it says we will be punished for whatever our parents did. I have a daughter that is 14 years old. Knock on wood, she has no problems.

    It is so hard to move on with life when something keeps haunting you, I know.

    That is why I am pursuing trying to get past this. As we all should.

    I also know what you mean about handing it over to GOD. I did this a few months ago when I was having severe Panic Attacks because I was going to an Oncologist.

    I prayed to God and handed everything over to him because I knew I could not take it anymore and you know what, it worked. I got better, calmer, and did not have any more Panic Attacks. He took care of me. He carried me when I could not walk.

    Take care of yourself,
    Love and prayers,
  8. futurehope

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    I have never heard of these programs. Where do they offer them? I feel very shy talking in front of people, it takes me awhile to open up.

    I am very sorry to hear about your childhood.

    I do not know how to respond to this. Yes, I would love for you to help me. But I am not so sure you can.

    I am make my childhood story short.

    I was adopted at 4 days old. My real mother was only 16 years old when she had me and her mother would not let her keep me.

    I grew up in a wonderful home with absolutely wonderful parents. They were so giving and would do anything for me. I KNOW WITH ALL OF MY HEART that they loved me so very much.

    I would NEVER EVER do anything to put them down, NEVER, because they loved me.

    The only thing I can ever really think of about my childhood if even though I know my parents loved me so much. No-one ever really showed it. There was no hugs, no I love you's, stuff like that. Don't get me wrong, I can remember sitting on my Dad's lap and him tickling me and stuff like that. There was only one time I can ever remember my mother hugging me, and that was at my grandma's funeral.

    It was only after my mom found out she had cancer, that she made a point to tell me she loved me. My dad did the same, this was after I was all grown up though.

    But I cannot ever remember being troubled by this when I was a child. But only thinking about it well into adulthood. I don't think I knew the difference.

    Nothing that bad. So I have nothing to hide.

    Your saying: Hurt people, hurt people. If you have hurt others, it must be because you were hurting yourself does make a lot of sense.

    Please let me know what you think.

    Love and prayers,

  9. futurehope

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    I also try to see past people's behavior too. I often feel sorry for them. Especially when I know them well.

    I have no trouble figuring about other peoples deep problems once I get to know them, but with myself, it is a complete mystery to me.

    I am also a very sensitive person.

    Like you, I do not have the human support either, my husband can do nothing but call me lazy, irresponsible, all that good stuff. He keeps telling me I am being stupid, there is nothing wrong with me.

    I do not have parents anymore nor do I have any brothers or sisters. So I also cannot look for support there.

    It is hard, very hard. I understand.

    Love and prayers,
  10. futurehope

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    I just wanted to let you know that you are all wonderful people in trying to help!!

    I also wanted to let you know that alot has been written here by all of you in the last few days and I need to ponder some over it.

    So, I will be back in a few days, don't feel I have left for good!!

    And please keep checking back, because I will be back soon.

    Thank you all so much!!
    Happy Easter!!
    Love and prayers,
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    I can't think of a bible verse about forgiving yourself. The mindset of the people in those days didn't run in that way. I do know that Jesus loves us all no matter what. The only people he got mad at were hypocrytes who were taking advantage of others. Even then he told them to stop, he didn't exclude them from forgiveness.

    I do know, however, that you are basically good. What you have done that you feel to be wrong, comes under the category of mistakes. The fact that you realize it and are sorry, shows how you have already responded to the grace of God. What is left over is emotions, which you can change, by simply not allowing them to stay in your mind.

    You don't have to be sorry over and over until something disappears. Being sorry once and then rising above it and going on, is loving yourself. It has nothing to do with emotion or feeling good.

    If a little child did something wrong and then was sorry, would you make it repeat that over and over? I don't think so. You would wrap your arms around him/her and let them know things are alright. Well, I believe that is how God treats us - we just need to put our guilt aside and accept it.

    p.s. A litle hint: wheneveer a feeling or thought about what you did cmes into your mind, and you start to feel bad, think:"cancel", and let it go. Then remember that you are basically good, and are loved unconditionally. T.
  12. Pottersclay

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    I took a quick search and came up with these:

    Forgiveness: Mark 11:25-26, and Ephesians 4:31-32

    finding peace: John 14:1-4, John 16:33, Romans 5:1-5, Philippians 4:6-7

    Depressed: Psalms 34

    I have a Gideon pocket bible that has self-helps in the front to help you find verses on various topics such as the ones I posted above.

    I think we are the hardest on ourselves than anyone else could ever be. Live and learn from our mistakes. Life is a tapestry. We make it by our life and its experiences. Hopefully we learn from our mistakes the first time around. Sometimes I don't...oops.