anyone know where a web site is for apnea

Discussion in 'General Health & Wellness' started by griswoldgirl, Feb 5, 2002.

  1. griswoldgirl

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    I am looking for support for my husband to tap into- he suffers from sleep apnea and would love a place like i have on FMs board.

    thanks cathy aka gris
  2. mud131

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    I have sleep apnea in the worst way. I have to use my machine even if I lay down to take a short nap for 15 mins or less
    If I don't I have more problems,I've had mine now for the pastv 5 years and I'm got used to using it after about 6 mos. of use.He can e mail me if he has any questions about anything,ps I call my machine the drream machine cause it makes me sleep the right way now and I have the best sleep i've had for a long time
  3. shonshona

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    just read your note...
    there is a good site for sufferers of sleep disorders...

    there are mnay people on this and women who have sleep apnea...

    i have joined this group my x partner has sleep apnea..

    keep well..
  4. NotMySelf

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    My partner has had SA since she was a child. Now in her mid 30's it was growing worse. She was diagnosed with it back then and once again about 6 months ago. She found a wonderful surgeon and SA specialist that prompted her to go under the surgery. Though skeptical at first, she did. And she has very little SA remaining. She is off the mask, off all her med's, sleep thru the night and does not fall asleep at work, behind the wheel or in the middle of the conversation. if you would like more me at and I will give you what information I have.
    She is a different person in the last 5 months. She made the decision to have the surgery when she was driving home from work and fell instantly asleep behind the wheel and was involved in an accident. She lost her job due to this illness, falling asleep in the middle of HR meetings and she is a Director.
    I know what you are going through..