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    Finally someone else that's stepping orthopedic ppls hv neuro specialist in same office and have been seeing for chronic muscle weakness/fibro/restless legs...she's been pumping me w/questions about "do I cry everyday" and blah blah blah...(I do have bit of depression, but because of health problems...primary care prescribed prosac)...and because after surgery for hip replacement 9 mos ago, my fibro is reared again full force and cannot get a handle on it...lots of problems...took 8 mos to get any feeling back in surgery leg and now hurts constantly....more exercise done worst I orth dr even suspended PT...Now...neuro or what she is is prescribing and pushing for me to take a med at night time..I tried once or twice and not comfortable w/it...she chewed me out and said take it every night...and gave me another prescript for it...I went and had it filled and was surprised to find that it was subscribed under another Drs name when went to pick it up at pharmacy...went home and looked at the other med bottle and it too was prescribed under still another dr name different from either hers or the one she had just given me...I went on-line to check this medicine and have discovered it is an anti-depressant...not meds prescribed for restless leg, as she lead me to believe..and also not good w/people that have had seizures...I have had panic attacks in past and now very afraid of triggering those again...had couple in past few months....I am in process of asking for a hearing on disability that I have been denied and know if don't do what drs say disability will think I not trying to get well...MY GOD...who can help listen to us....think gonna call my lawyers office and ask what my options are...Scared..HURT..PAIN...AND NO ONE WANTS TO LISTEN..NO JOB...AND then they wonder if you might feel alittle depressed!!!!


    the 'I AM NOT CRAZY PATIENT'....
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    I would check with the pharmacy and tell them the Doctors name who wrote the script and ask them why its not the same name on the bottle before I would even try it.

    Happen to me got the wrong meds Doctor in ER gave me someone Else's script it was caught by my pharmacist Thank God or it would have made me very very sick did not go with the meds I now take.

    PLEASE CHECK WITH THEM FIRST>Better safe than sorry.

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    or e mail the State Board that issues licenses to doctors. Find out if this person has a license.
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    I caught this at the counter of drugstore where I had just paid for it and noticed name on prescript paper as she was putting in the bag....they went and got the pharmasist and he showed me the prescription the dr had given me and that I had turned in to them....same one...and they verified that another doctor name on the pad the month before...when got home checked and it was still another different doctor than the one of the day...

    druggist said he made a change in computer and put correct info in.

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