Anyone live alone?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Rosaine, Sep 18, 2005.

  1. Rosaine

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    I live alone and do not work and am getting so depressed. I am not a great communicator via email. I really need personal contact. Has anyone any suggestions on how to improve my life? I am getting quite desperate. Thanks
  2. dshines

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    I too live alone--but do have a great dog who provides a lot of company. It is easy to fall into that circle of not feeling well, staying home, feeling isolated and getting bummed out which leads to wanting to go out and do something but not doing it because you don't feel well and it goes on and on...Can you get yourself out to go to a movie every once and a while or get out and walk in a familiar place daily ? The getting out makes things seem a bit better and not quite so isolated. It is a toughie though, hang in there.
  3. nazman

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    I live alone. My wife left me 9 months ago. I find it gets easy with time. you can make alot of friends from online dating services. match com , yahoo personals , date com are a few. most will let you look for free.
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  4. Sue50

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    I started going to church and joined a support group for people with chronic illness and taking classes, I'm going to start my new class "Changes that Heal" next week.
    I have a Siamese cat that keeps me company, she loves it when I talk to her.
    I walk around thrift stores for exercise, usually 2 or 3 times a week, find some nice clothes for a few dollars.
    I have a friend that has a chronic illness and we meet for coffee every Fri.
    I also go to the library.
  5. teacher

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    I have to work so I get interaction that way. On days that can't get out I talk on the phone.

    Is there a volunteer program in your town where you could sign up to be a phone friend to someone else that is homebound? That would give two people a chance to interact.

    Is there an elementary school near you? Volunteer to listen to the little kiddies read. It won't take much energy. Just sit there and listen. A couple hours once a week and you're golden. Plus, they like to hug. Don't forget the importance of touch!

    My local library has a special hotline that has a recorded story every week or so. Children can call and hear a story read to them. See if your llbrary has something similar and volunteer to be a reader. You'll have something to do and you'll interact with the adults at the library.

    Don't give up!
  6. puppyfreak

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    He's my little Shih-tzu and my reason for getting out of bed in the morning - to take him out! [I'm on SSDI and don't work either.]
    But he's also the best motivator for taking my mind off myself. I also have a Betta fish but it's not nearly as cuddly!
    I tend to be a loner so I prefer to pick and choose my contact with others. I read a lot and walk when I can [I have painful neuropathy in my feet as well as Fibro]. And like other have said, when you walk with a pet, you tend to meet other people with pets or those who are interested in yours. And I sell on eBay so I go to thrift stores and discount stores to find things to sell and I bump into some interesting people in those places.
    Hobbies are one way to meet others who share the same interest [knitting or quilting circles or book groups where you read and discuss the book.] Or taking a class in something like those. There are low-cost things like that at community centers and the YMCA/YWCA.
    And I'm politically active - that gives me an outlet to 'vent' in a positive way with folks who share my liberal views.