anyone live in england / rough week / new man / help

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    Hi does anyone here come from England?

    I'm having a bad week and really need to find a good doctor. Been ill since I was 8, now nearly 25 and had enough. I've changed jobs as couldn't cope with the hours I was working and I felt a big difference but this week I haven't been in work for two days as my back has totally ceased up. Its crunching and cracking like no business. Been laid up in bed as nothing is making it better. I wouldn't normally moan as I've come to live with my pains but the back pain is the one I just can't cope with at all. It hurts to lie down, it hurts to sit, it hurts to stand its just blooming irritating. The stupid thing is it was starting to feel a lot better. I've started a relationships with a wonderful man and last night we got close (shall we say) when there was an awful crunch which resulted in me lying in agony and having to move to lie on the floor cause the pain was so bad. And now I'm back in bed again just because I want to have a little love in my life. How to get this man to see that I'm not useless and make sure he doesn't get scared to get close again. He's now going to have a major complex about it now as I'm sure he felt to blame for hurting me. I've had serious relationships before but they've always started on a good day so only had to deal with the not tonight honey it hurts too much after dating for a while not on the first time you try it. Has anyone had to deal with this and if so do you know a way to explain without coming over all serious?
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    Welcome to the board, I'm from Wiltshire. You could phone your local M.E.or fibromyalgia group for advice on which doctor their members use. You are not too far from the M.E. Asociation's own clinic. Will your own G.P. not refer you to a specialist? If the fibro is your main problem, you may be referred to a rheumatologist.

    As to your othe question, I suggest you print out the explanation of FMS/CFS from here & ask him to him read it. A good quality 2"memory foam mattress topper is helpful; I bought mine from the t.v. shopping channels. Best wishes

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    Oh dear, how demoralising for you. And just as things were looking up, as well!

    I should imagine that if you suffered a sudden crunch during... er... activity, then it can't be entirely the FM - sounds like you might have suffered a more conventional injury on top of the FM? According to my chiropractor, bedroom-related injuries are surprisingly common. Have you considered seeing a sensible (i.e. believes in FM) chiropractor?

    I once had a ex literally unable to move off the floor where he'd put out his back so badly, but we found a chiropractor who did home visits and he was mobile again half an hour later.

    If you could give us an idea of where in the UK we are, perhaps there's someone here who knows of an FM support group or suitable chiro in your area.

    (((gentle hugs)))