Anyone Live In Lake Havasu City, AZ Area? Fibro/Weather?

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    Boards have changed.. So trying to get use to new format.

    If I mispelled above, please forgive! I have Fibro and CF. Have heard this is a good area for those with fibro. It also looks beautiful. I know it can get very hot during the day but it is humidity and barometric changes that tend to set off my flares. A friend of mine recommended looking at this area of the country.

    If anyone is in this area, have visited or know someone who lives in the area, I would really appreciate your input!

    Barometric pressure in Indiana has been crazy all year in area we are in. Just cannot take this for the rest of my life!

    I hope this is a good day, or at least a better one than the day before if you are in pain today~

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    Hi Kim,
    I'm not in the Lake Havasu City zrea but wanted you to tell you that I've lived in a high desert where it is around 10-15 degrees cooler than that area for 40+ years.

    I was diagnosed with fibro over 20 years ago and find that living under a/c 4-5 months of the year is very hard on my body. It seems to be accepted that barometer changes affect people with arthritis and it is true that we don't have many changes in weather except wind and cold. We've been in a severe drought for around 8 years now, making it very parched, even for a desert!. The wind is hard on people because of the psychological effects of the positive ions. The weather is great for people who like sun, sun, sun and more sun averaging 360 days a year. It gets to be quite boring after a while and the UV rays are so intense that you cannot be outside for more than a few minutes much of the year because they fry your eyes and scorch your skin. Best for lizards and roadrunners!

    Lake Havasu has the lake which might make for a better atmosphere but I have been there August and felt like I couldn't breathe in 120+ heat. If you are considering a move to the area, it might be worthwhile to hang out for a while in a hot month to see if it is your cup ot tea. I personally feel trapped for four months as far as doing much of anything outside and get reaally tired of the dryness which destroys your skin and don't forget the desert allergens which are unlike allergens anywhere else!

    If I was wealthy, I woud live in the upcountry (around 1,200 ft) in Maui. There is a lot of rain but it felt gentle and healing to me. Hope you find the best geographical area for you.