Anyone live in Melbourne Australia?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by desperation, Apr 1, 2003.

  1. desperation

    desperation New Member

    Hi all,
    does anyone know of a good doctor in Melbourne Australia. i have yet to be diagnosed and have felt ill for 2 years. i think i probably have CF.
    Thanks very much,
  2. jeniwren

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    I'm Jeni and I'm living in the outer east of Melbourne at present. It took me a while to find a Dr that I trust. She's just a local GP, but she has recently diagnosed me with FMS and referred me to a couple of specialists. There are no specialists specifically dealing with FMS or CFS here in Victoria that I can ascertain. The best that this state has to offer depends on whether you're male or female?? For men there appears to be nought! For woman there is the Jean Hales Clinc in Clayton. They deal mostly with the menopause and it's associated problems. However they also deal with general female health, as does the Well Womans Clinics in the East.

    I hope that this is of some help. Please repost..and I'll try to find you some more info.

  3. ozgran

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    Just did a post to Debbie and now found this. I live up on the Murray river and I suggest I am a lot older than you lot but just the same I have confirmed FM. Know now I have had it for probably 15-20 years and been brushed aside by many Drs. All the usual. It is in your head kind of stuff. For any of you who are interested read my profile and my e-mail is there if you wish to contact me. Love Ozgran
  4. goldilox

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    Hi there desperation,

    I have been diagnosed with FM 3 years ago. I go to a support group at the Arthritis Foundation in Caulfield. There is one on this Tuesday the 8th April. Please email me on to come along - it would be great if you could as there will be a few pharmacists there to help you in finding a doctor who deals with FM.
    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Take care,
  5. musik

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    hello :) i am 27 ,from melbourne australia and have recently been diagnosed by my doctor with FM and CFS that is of course after being told at first i was just depressed and to go on anti depressants and excercise more :/

    i think this is a great message board and i hope to get lots of information and advice from it on how to cope better and get on with life :)



  6. Misdiagnosed

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    Hi Goldilox

    Tried emailing you direct but mail kept getting returned.
    Hi there Goldilox

    I've been visiting the Immunune Support website and also live in Melbourne. Interested in attending the support group you talk about - am feeling very
    isolated and frightened by what's happening to my body.

    Currently attending Whole Health Clinic in Clayton but not sure if they're that familiar with Fibro/Myofascial pain.

    So far I'm not making much progress and would appreciate you telling me when the next support group is on.

    Thanks a lot
  7. Sonnet

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    Hi All,

    I have the most wonderful GP who specializes in CFS and is a wonderful human being as well as being a fantastic GP (in eastern suburbs) but he doesn't advertise because he has so many patients as it is. He has certainly taken me from being in 100% chronic pain and suffering to about 15% pain and no longer suffering. God sent this man from heaven I am sure. Please email me at and will give you details. Also wouldn't mind coming to a meeting - might email goldilocks.

    Don't let the pain bugs bite!