anyone live in New Zealand?

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    Anyone living in New Zealand? Are alternative docs available? Do the docs accept people with cfs? What is the weather like? Can one buy vitamins in stores?
    Thank you.
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    Hi Ruby, Im from NZ, Wellington. I have a fantastic doctor GP (I've lost count of how many doctors I've seen before her) and yes most doctors are hugely accepting and aware of CFS and FM. (Although once I went to my family Doctor, and when I told him that I had FM I watched him as he silently googled it!! I was horrified lol).

    I actually did go to an alternative holistic specialist when I first got diagnosed, but I'm not sure how many specialists there are in NZ. I was with her for a few years. But I slowly realised that she never actually listened to anything I said and I was wasting my time, and it was costing me a fortune and all the vitamins she had me taking weren't helping much at all, so I decided to stop seeing her and that's when I randomly had to get a new GP. My GP is amazing with helping me with FM from day 1, and she could not believe what this holistic doctor had put me on (hydro cortisone) and I had to go to hospital and get weaned off and the withdrawal was sooo hard. But am now on Amitriptyline and it had helped me so much.

    You can buy vitamins here in stores and pharamcies or online. Do you have yourself a good doctor? They will be able to tell you what vitamins you need to get. Its mroe trial and error though.

    Oh yeah! And the weather? Well it depends on where you are, like most places, it varies all over the country. I'm from a place called the Kapiti Coast and its beautiful, almost always sunny. Though for the first time in 20 years last year we got snow (it was beautiful though).

    Hope this helps...

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