Anyone live near EZBRUZER that could help her? IL

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  1. Jen F

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    She lives in Naperville,IL and sounds at the end of her rope and not getting good medical support.

    I am thinking that if any of you were well enough to maybe visit her or call and help her on this hard track of finding our own way when the doc we see fails us.

    It's so hard when we are in pain, not sleeping, really suffering and then be told by a doctor that there is no such thing as FM, or in my case CFS. Yeah, right.

    jen F.
  2. Mikie

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    I just posted under her thread asking this same question. I'm glad you gave it its own separate post. It may get more attention this way.

    We need to share the names of good docs we find. They are few and far between.

    Love, Mikie
  3. RedB

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    I have a wonderful, kind rheumy in Munster. He insists he believes in FM, and even if he doesn't, he always treats me with respect, and I have thanked him many times for that. He's not much into mycoplasmas, though, and I have never broached hypercoagulation or any of the other things Jelly mentions.

    I don't know if he could help, but he would be a lot better than your last one at sending you on to others who COULD help.

    He is Dr. Keith Reich (pronounced "rich"), D.O.

    He is affiliated with "Medical Specialists", 761-45th Street, Munster, Indiana.

    Hope this helps.


  4. Mikie

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    This is rolling over.

    Love, Mikie
  5. teach6

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    Naperville is outside Chicago, but maybe a bit far for going to see a doc on a regular basis. Here are some area docs on the Good Doc list.


    Chicago, IL
    Dr. Alan F. Bain, D.O., Director
    Internal Medicine, Bio-Energetic Therapy
    The Center for Integrated Health Care
    111 North Wabash Avenue, Suite 1005
    Chicago IL 60602
    Tel: (312) 236-7010 Fax: (312) 236-7190
    Web site:

    Dr. David Edelberg
    American Whole Health 990 West Fullerton Avenue, Suite 300
    Chicago, IL 60614
    Tel: (773) 296-6700
    (Dr. Edelberg is a warm, compassionate born healer, who listens to his patients. If it wasn't for him finally diagnosing me with FMS/CFS this past June, I think I'd have lost it. I was really sick and no one could figure out the problem, only two of the underlying causes. He is part of American Whole Health, which he started. This is a wonderful physician-directed, holistic care facility. Every caregiver that I've had help from at this facility, has been caring, including the billing department. I'd recommend him to anyone who has either CFS and/or FMS.)

    Dr. D. Michael Kaye
    5720 North Ashland
    Chicago, Illinois 60660
    Tel: 773-334-0575
    (If it weren't for [this] supportive, symathetic neurologist I'd be a 25 year old with a masters degree on disability and unable to move without pain. As it is, my pain is controlled enough that I work full-time and live at least a semi-normal life.)

    The Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago
    Chronic Pain Clinic
    Dr. Joanne Smith, M.D.
    Dr. Norman Harden, M.D.
    Dr. Michelle Mullner, M.D.
    Dr. Patricia Cole, Ph.D.
    345 E. Superior Street
    Chicago, IL 60611
    Tel: (312) 908-6900
    (FMS) ("The Rehabilitation Institute is an amazing resource because it offers a wide variety of resources, including psychological service (helps with anxiety and depression), occupational therapy (shows you how to do daily living activity less painfully), physical therapy, biofeedback (relaxation/natural pain decrease techniques), and solid medical care. They also will work with your particular health insurance plan to maximize benefits -- or even help you if you don't have coverage at all. They helped me get my life back!"

    "Anyone seeking diagnosis or treatment of Fibromyalgia in the Chicago, Illinois area should check into the Chronic Pain Clinic of the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago. There are numerous physiatrists (physical medicine and rehabilitation doctors) who specialize in treating Fibromyalgia. ")

    Crystal Lake, IL
    Dr. Oberg
    31 North Virginia Street
    Crystal Lake, IL 60014
    Tel: (815) 455-1990
    (Allergy and Environmental Medicine)

    Freeport, IL
    Dr.Jaun Ibarra
    Freeport Health Network
    1006 West Stephenson Street
    Freeport, IL
    Tel: (815) 235-0159
    ("He's an excellent doctor and I must say that his treatment for pain has helped me many times.")

    Moline, IL
    Dr Michael F Miniter, M.D.
    500 Valley View Drive
    Moline, Illinois 61265
    (309) 762-3621 Ext. 417
    (Has been very helpful with my fibromyalgia. He LISTENS to his patients.)

    Peoria, IL
    Dr. Joseph 'Joe' Couri and Dr. Vaughn Hannah (Both are Rhumies)
    120 N. E. Glen Oak Drive
    Peoria, IL. 61602
    Tel: (309) 671-8270 Fax: (309) 672-3171
    (Dr. Joe is from huge family ( 5 are Doctors) in East Peoria, IL., and he is currently Chapter president of the Arthritis Foundation.)

    Schaumburg, IL
    Carey Dachman, MD., S.C.
    455 S. Roselle Road, Suite 104
    Schaumburg, IL
    Tel: 847-352-5511
    (He also has a web page at


    EZBRUZR New Member

    I am really happy you are sooo GREAT! It has been hard for a while.B4 finding this site I was having thoughts I was not comfortable or familaur with. Racing thoughts had me earlier .The Support here is what making me pump my breaks.I am very greatful! I am going to be so informed and in control of my health care I can go back to being unstopable and help others to help lessen the empty suffering this DD provides at times. Bless all of you! Peace{{{{{{{{hug to all}}}}}}}}}}, ez/l
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    let us know.

    Jen F

    EZBRUZR New Member

    Indiana to merreville, Wisconsin(madison area),Cost (of course) is largest deterrent.My funding is out of pocket,they are not very deep anymore.DD! Todays janitor playing DR was provided to me by this little Scam Health care thing. I figured they had my money,no area pharmaceys take the card they issued,I might as well get something good out of a bad choice made out of desperation and need.I elected to try their Physician reference program.Live and Learn-avoid crash and burn! Thanks all again,lisa
  9. Jen F

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    I sure hope so...

    Jen F