anyone living in Southren Calif.

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by chewie, Mar 5, 2003.

  1. chewie

    chewie New Member

    Hi again, Just wanted to know if anyone is from Hemet or surrounding areas?
  2. KristinaInCali

    KristinaInCali New Member

    Hi Chewie. I live in Fontana, not too far from you. Official diagnoses include Fibro, multiple sclerosis, osteo and rheumatoid arthritis and positive for mycoplasma infection. I'm 37, going on 87. Nice to meet you.

  3. kredca4

    kredca4 New Member

    I live in the Long Beach area now, used to live in Norco and MiraLoma for a while, but it's all New building now.

    I use to go Dirtbike riding back in the late 60's and early 70's, when there was more land and less People. Friends had 10 acres, and we camped on it and rode our bikes. I often wonder if she Built her retirement home there, hmmm

    They also have a Great animal Shelter there, where they don't put them to sleep but find homes for them, I find lost animals all the time and i used to take them there.
    We have quite a few members in the So. Ca area, spread out some, but there's quite a few down your way. Sure they will be along soon to welcome you too.

    So tell us about yourself, what brought you here? FMS/MPS?CFS? Hope we can be of help to you, lots of good advise here, and if you want jokes and fun we also have a ChitChat board, where we can talk about anything, we are suppose to talk about our Health here only, because it's Grown so much with new folks, daily, it seems.
    I break the rule from time to time, tho, but our Moderator Mikie catches me and say's get back to the Chat board, lol, so Come on over and join us.
  4. LinnFam

    LinnFam New Member

    Hi, Chewie- I'm a fibro mom to a wonderful 23 yr old son. We live in Bonsall, by Fallbrook. I LOVE to shop in Temecula, though I don't have the time nor the money I used to because of how this illness has affected our lives.

  5. KathiM

    KathiM New Member

    Hi !!!!!!!

    My name is Kathi and I live in Palm Desert.........not too far from you !!!!

    I am 47 & married..........and a "fur mom" to two Giant schnauzers.

    Have had medical problems since 1996 but have been getting worse with this and especially the past 4 months so consiquently Dr's are looking for something more right now so am on the medical merry-go-round once again.

    Keep in touch !!!!!!!!!

  6. chewie

    chewie New Member

    Hi, Sorry to hear about your new merry go round that your going thru. Are you working? I love gaint snachures also. When my small one passes on I 'm want to get another stander one. Black.Have consider your breed . If you would like to keep in touch heres my email:

    My name is Joyce.Would love to keep in touch. Keep me posted on the merry go round.My Prayers are with you. SOFT HUGS
  7. chewie

    chewie New Member

    Your real close to me.Do you work? I also can't affored Temecula.But love to vist Old Town when I'm up to it and feeling GREAt and When I can affored it.I would love to go
    eat at the seafood place where they DUMP your food on the
    table. Can't remember the name But it sits on a side street
    just at the begining opf Old Town.I think If it's still there.
    My husband is a manger of USA Gas station/Mini mart on Clinton Kieth and the 15 freeway.
    Matbe we could met for coffee sometime.My email address is:
    My name is Joyce

    BTW check mt posts there are others close to us Palm Dessert and Fontana.
    Maybe we could all get together and shop talk.
    Looking forward to talking with you. Joyce