anyone loose weight fast?

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    Hello and thank you for reading my post. I have been under alot of stress latly and also have not had a hunger for anything. i have lost 18lbs in 3 months and i am happy to be 120 again but i feel like s---.. i am very dizzy and just blagh. i did stop drinking mt. dew last week so maybe that is why i feel so crummy..just wondrering if anyone else lost weight for no real reason...
  2. shannon

    shannon Guest

    Hello and thank you for reading my post. I have been under alot of stress latly and also have not had a hunger for anything. i have lost 18lbs in 3 months and i am happy to be 120 again but i feel like s---.. i am very dizzy and just blagh. i did stop drinking mt. dew last week so maybe that is why i feel so crummy..just wondrering if anyone else lost weight for no real reason...
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    sorry to sound so flippant, but I'd LOVE to have your problem instead of mine for awhile. You and I react differently to stress, although I must say that exactly a year ago I weighed about 80 pounds less than I do now....mainly cause I was so severely depressed and suicidal AND because I'd stopped ALL my meds. Not a healthy way to be!
    I am truly sorry....I do believe that the decrease in caffeine and sugar can make you feel horrible in itself. Why did you stop your Mt. Dew? Was it Diet?
    Take care and try to eat something good for you....don't do like I did and go carb crazy......that's my problem.
    In health,
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    Yes, I have lost 23 lbs within the last few months. I can't eat anything, other than watermelon and cataloupe chunks. And I have to make myself eat that. If I try to eat real food I can't keep it down. And just the thought of some things make me feel ill. My counselor is the only I've told this to and was very upset. Told me to start on some protein immediately. Those protein shakes were out of the question...definitely would NOT be able to swallow that stuff. So I asked my pharmacist and she gave me Proteinex. It doesn't taste great, but only two tablespoons/day is all you need take. I also take a multi-vitamin-mineral supplement, and milk thistle to keep my liver healthy from all the toxins in the meds I take. I have no idea why I can't eat. Never had an eating disorder. But then I've never been treated for chronic depression either. I'm 42 years old, had a hysterectomy when I was 29. I have slowly put on weight over the years, until I was about 35 lbs overweight. Diet, after diet and I couldn't loose. Now, without even trying, I dropped weight and continue to do so. I'm not complaining about the weight loss. I'll finally feel comfortable in a bathing suit again, but I just wish I knew why. I see so many posts where people have gained on anti-depressives, paxil, etc. I've been on paxil since March. So, I don't know. I think the two of us might be in our own little boat here. Hey, but at least we won't have to worry about sinking it! :)


  5. kredca4

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    I have a Hard time keeping the weight on. If I get Stressed or am in a Major Flare I lose it overnight.

    I lost 70lbs when I first started getting sick. My friends at first thought that I had the Big C, but the DOc.'s couldn't find anything wrong. Stupid Dr.s

    I was having a nervous breakdown, or so I thought at the time, now I know what caused it.
    Well I was able to gain some of the weight back, then last Christmas I broke a tooth, and by the time my Ordeal with getting the tooth removed I lost 10lb,s then when I had the rest of the teeth removed I lost even more.

    It's not Fun to lose the weight as fast as I have, it takes a toll on my muscles, and my stomach.

    I have been slowly gaining some of the weight back, and hopefully it will stay stable this time.

    I too have no interest in food, and the Smell of greasy cooking will send me into a Flare of not eating.
    I went through a little Counsling while back at college, it was free, so I took advantage of it.

    By this time I looked like a Skeleton, when I talked to the counsler she said that she thought that maybe the reason why I didn't eat was because it's the only thing that I felt I had Control Over in my life.
    She was right, to a certain point. My life was falling apart, I had lost my Business, left the hubby, and was living on $212.00 plus food stamps. So life was not good.

    After I won my SSDI, I noticed that I started getting some of the weight back, I wasn't worrying about things so much by then. I had come through the Delirum of the Flare from Hell and I got myself back on track. Then the weight came back, but it tapered off, so now I am hovering between 7-10 dress size.

    Please, thoes of you who gained weight, I know what you are going through also. I have walked in your shoes, before I lost all that weight I was 190 lbs, and a size 18. So I have been there too. I know how the extra weight adds pain to the joints, the back and how hard it is to get in and out of a car. How people look at you, and pretend they are not. How it hurts when a Newphew aks "How come you got Fat"?.
    I also have 3 Sisters and 2 Brothers, all but one Brother is overweight. They all have FMS and then different co-exisiting conditions.
    So Please don't think this is something that you wouldn't mind having a Problem with. It hurts at times when folks say that, even tho they say they are kidding, I could see it in their eyes that they weren't. I lost a lot of Friends along with the weight.

    Stress/FMS can cause you to lose weight, just as it can cause you to gain weight. Med's can cause you to lose weight and also to gain weight. What a life, eh? But it's a Life all the same.

    Shannon, you might be getting dizzy because you stopped the soda, that can have an effect on you.
    Have you talked to a Doctor about this?
    I sometimes have days where I just feel "Crummy" and never know why, but since I started having the FMS symptoms, I have thoes days a lot, I think it comes with the terriorty.

    I hope you get to feeling better, I have no advise about gaining the weight back, except to learn first if it's Stress or Physical then try treating the problem that way.

    For me I had to smoke Pot before I could eat, my Doctor at the time advised it, I had asked his opinion and he said Why Not, if I kept losing the weight he was gonna put me in the Hospital with an IV. no way.
    We had run dozens of test by this time and there wasn't anything Physical that they could chalk the weight loss up to, so I tried the Pot and it worked.

    I always felt that I was a little on the Anorxeia side of life, and if they could get the folks with Anorxeia to try a little, maybe it would make their Brains think they are Hungry, better than an IV.
    Boy did this get long, sorry, just spilling my guts ala over the place this weekend.

    Keep in touch with how you are doing. I do care and I will say a Prayer for you.

  6. fibolady

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    hi shannon, i am in the same boat with you guys (nice pun with the other reply!) the last month or so i have been in a bad flare with headaches and unable to eat anything. i am little and lost 8 pounds in a month and my clothes are falling off.

    it is scary and worriesom too. especially because other people say wow, you look great (esp. spouse) i did start walking a little this summer so the little bit of aerobic (if you call a snail walk) exercise probably contributed to the weight lost.

    for a week all i could eat would be tomatoe soup and croutons, but now am trying to get a little protein in (stips of chicken) yes, i would rather be fat and happy than skinny and miserable (posted that line before)

    the post on the protein supplement was nice information, maybe we should try that. our bodies do need protein to function. just wanted to let you know you are not alone, guess we will have to pull out those extra large safety pins!

    warm regards, fibolady
  7. fifty1ford

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    Since all of my physical issues FMS/CFIDS started less than three-years ago, I've lost a total of 43 pounds! I've lost the last 15 pounds in just the past month. The main thing that I changed recently was to reduce by about 95% my intake of anything with sugar and/or corn syrup. I make a jug of unsweetened Kool-Aid and add Stevia to it. I do not use nor would I recommend that anyone use artificial sweetners like aspartamine, sorbitol and the like. Those are not good for us either. I will have my weekly apple turn-over and a periodic binge on Krispy Kreme doughnuts, but that's about it. I also try to fast a couple days a week.

    I feel great! I haven't been this weight since my high-school days, which were a very long time ago.


    ford j.
  8. shannon

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    Thank you fot the responses. Have any of you noticed that you tummy hurts a bit. more like uncomfortable and gasey like?. My hubby thinks that it is burning and gassy because I stopped mt.dew and my body is used to having all that extra acid in it and now it needs to learn how to but it back. make sense?. Could that also have an effect on the 5 lbs. I lost this week?
  9. blondieangel

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    After I was rear-ended on a Monday, I found out Friday I was pregnant. Food never tasted so good! I was 115 and up to 130 at 3 mo. (I also had a large fibroid tuomor in my uterous, so was already showing)After the accident, the pain came on slowly from soft tissue damage to my left side, to the point of nausea, light, odor sensitivity. After one chiro treatment I became bedbound w/ excruciating pain/nausea. I lost the baby at 12 weeks. With the severe pain/nausea for a year I could barely eat - once during an ultrasound to check the fibroid I threw up the water at the doctors office!(needed more in the bladder) Eventually I got down to 100 lbs. ( I'm 5'5" and had been 120 for yrs - 110 in high school) Now I'm about 105 -

    The reason: 1) Many pain relivers cause a loss of appetite (mine do) - I'm like you, can barely eat, have an adversitity to food.

    2)IBS - the pain/cramping/diarrea/constipation from eating a lot of food is horrible

    3) I find that after eating I feel no better, not like when I was healthy, just uncomfortable

    I drink alot of water and protein drinks and crave sugar! before I never even had a sweet tooth, except maybe once a month w/ my cycle. I would pass on dessert and ice cream - now I can't get enough!

    Anyhow, I am very thin and can't exercise due to FM exhaustion, MPS, back, neck injury, soft tissue damage. It's helped me go back into modeling, which is great, but I can't work much because I'm totally disabled from my symptoms. I want to try to use modeling/acting as my soapbox, so that I can "be a face of FM" to help push for more research and a cure. I will soon be appearing in a national ad for a product called Biniki. It's an invisible undergarment which lifts and rounds the rearend! It really works and is totally comfortable. I was chosen BECAUSE I CAN'T work out. The product was invented by a woman psychologist who took the past 4 years off work to perfect and patent the product worldwide. Look for the ad starting
    Sept. 20 - The Globe
    Sept. 27 - "Us" Magazine
    Oct. 11 - The Star

    The model is ME!

    For the most part I can't wear a bra, high heels, or even tight panties due to the increase in pain from MPS. Only when I absolutely have to! Same w/ Biniki (for me), but, boy, do I look great in shorts when I wear it!

  10. blondieangel

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    I wanted to ad that psychic Sylvia Browne (LOVE her!)told a woman on Montel to eat lots of protein after telling the woman the reason why she felt so poorly was because she had Fibromyalgia.
  11. *Isla*

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    Hi Shannon!
    I've always been really thin but since I've gotten sick, I have trouble keeping any mass on. I drop weight at the smallest flares or stress. At one point, I dropped below 100 lbs (I'm 5'7"). The doctors actually thought I had anorexia because it's a much more commom problem for teenage girls especially with figure skaters like me. One doctor finally put me on a high protien diet and that has worked wonders. I've got my weight up to 120 lbs. If I loose even just 5 lbs, I can feel a difference in my energy. But usually if I eat protien 3 times a day, even if it's only a small amount, it helps keep my strength up.
    Hope you can gain some weight soon. lol that's not something I'd noramlly say to anyone.
    God bless and keep smilin'!!
  12. selma

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    Have you checked it out with Dr.? I lost 40 Lbs and I think it was IBS-D. Dr wants me to see Onocologist.

    I'll see him in a few weeks or soo.

    Please look into cause everyone.

    Love, Selma
  13. shannon

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    Do you have stomach pains? I know that when a person looses weight and has frequent stomach pains that it more then likley is ibs. alot think that IBS is diahrea but that is not always the case with many. many will just have real bad pains and not want to eat. I have IBS and have for years. Seems like we get everything don't it?
  14. RoseTx

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    I have never in my life been to sick too eat. I have never been too depressed to eat. Every medicine I have ever taken just causes me to eat more. Nothing in my entire life has ever caused me to loose my appitite. I fight with every ounce of my being to stay below two hundred pounds and so far I am doing that, but no, I have never had a sudden weight loss for any reason. Hugs, Rose
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  15. swood

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    Hi Shannon,
    I've lost weight for no apparent reason that I knew of, but could of been my illnesses in the past!
    At that time was four years ago, I lost about 40 lbs; I lost a little too much weight being i'm 5'9".
    When you lose weight, the metabolism acts real weird!

    I live in West Allis, Wi. I'm not sure how far You are from me?!

  16. selma

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    Just, sending my love. I sometimes get the IBS-C. Don't get awful pains except when have enuf gas to run a power plant. Hope you stabilize. I found out that I need a little sugar. Unrefined . To get a little energy. But lately Provigil working. Good luck. See you tomorrow night.

    Love Selma
  17. BlueMoon

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    I have been in this flare for over 4 months now. I have lost around 30 lbs or more. When I am in pain it is hard for Me to eat. Nothing tastes good & I'm done with whatever I'm eating after 2 bits. All My clothes are big on me but thats ok I hate to wear clothes! They hurt My body! I am in bed for most of the day so I just wear a big nite shirt around the house. So no one really knew I had lost so much weight. Then the other night Steve & I started fooling around! (YES, I am not dead you know!)He said he could not believe how much weight I had lost! That I had gotten so tiny. He knew I was not eating much & after feeling My body he was worried. I told him I was fine & when I feel better the wieght will come back, it always does!

  18. shannon

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    I am about 40 minutes north from you. how close are you to the Quad plant?
  19. kredca4

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    I too wore clothes that were to big for me, I was hiding the fact that I had lost weight. My sister made a remark that my clothes looked to baggy on me, and since I had my own Business, I felt like I should dress nice.
    I went to Walmart to buy a Red Dress, I was shocked to find out that I was a size 12. I left in tears, and didn't buy the dress.

    My Hubby took me back the next weekend to buy the Dress because he thought I deserved it. Well it was to big, I tried on a size 10 and it fit. I went walking through Walmart crying, and I bumped into w gals that I used to go to Church with. They hadn't seen me in months and they too were shocked to see how thin I had gotten.
    The Nice part was they Prayed for me right there in the middle of the store, it did relieve the Tears, and I was grateful to have run into them.

    I ended up being a size 7 and I have photos of then and I look Horrible. Glad I got a little meat back on the bones, but I really have to watch that I don't eat a lot of Sweet's, cookie, the Oreo's with the Chocolate are so good, but I get sick from eating them. Too Rich, but sooo good.

    I do have IBS-C, and GERD. That's all the Doctors could find.
    I can't eat or drink the Protien products, they give me Cramps and make me nausea. So do most foods.

    Hope you all have a Great Day,
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  20. LisaMay

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    I have lost 6 pounds since July. It doesn't sound like much, but I'm a small lady. I asked my doc about it and she didn't seem overly concerned. I inquired whether my meds could cause this - not really sure was her reply. I don't have much of an appetite either, and have to force myself to eat a little something to save my stomach from the meds!

    I guess it could be worse.... LisaMay