Anyone lose their house with children on the board?

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  1. HppeandMe

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    I know it is inevitable. I am going to lose my house and I am so scared about where my children and I might live just on Social Security. Has this happened to anyone and if so would you mind sharing your experience. Also, do the children get social security if I do or is that only if I die?
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    This has not happened to me, but I know that your children should be covered until they are 18 yrs. old.

    Try to put your name on the list for low income housing, apartments. There is usually a long wait so try and do this soon if you can.

    I know you will get some more replies from others who have gone through this.

    Sending prayers your way.

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    I have been homeless because of not being able to work wiht FMS. I lived half the week with my sister and half the week with my daughter. I don't know what I would have done I had had children on top of that. Try your local Housing Authority. They should have applications for low income housing. I think your kids are eligilble for some kind of income if your are on disability.

    My heart goes out to you.
    D in OKC
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    So sorry about his hppeandme. Are there some homes you could move to through Social Services usually they have housing, that is low cost.

    Hope things work out for you and your family.

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    but try HUD(Housing and Urban Development)& see if the can get you on section 8 to help with your house payment. I would say you go thru your state to do this. Your children will get SS when you do until they are 18. It will come in your name & theirs. You should be able to get food stamps & insurance thru the state.

    I hope this helps you.

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    What a terrible situation. This time last year I was in the same boat. I had two law suits pending, very little income (disability income) and a husband addicted to drugs and not working just spending. I didnt know how I was going to hang on to the house. Hence plan B. First I had to make a choice to end my marriage. A big financial load was lifted, then with much prayer God saw fit to settle my law suits hence I got the house paid off and the rest is history. I still cannot beleive what a difference a year makes. I pray a miracle will come your way too. I was lucky as I didtn have children at home. You are in my prayers sweetie.
    hugs poodlemum
  8. jaltair

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    Are you on SSI?

    Children are elgible for Social Security if they are disabled or if a parent dies. When the parent dies, they are eligible util age 18.

    Only people who have worked enough quarters are eligible for Social Security, SSA.

    Only children with disabilities, adults with disabilities, or older people not eligible for SSA are eligible for Supplemental Social Security Income (SSI).

    There are other programs that might benefit families with dependent children. Some are under the United States Department of Agriculture or USDA such as Food Stamps or WIC. There are also food distribution places through USDA that will provide food subsidies to help those qualified.

    There are also housing agencies through HUD, which is a federal program. At times, there are apartments (very nice) where people may sign up and then pay according to ability to pay. In my area, the payment for housing can be very low for a two bedroom apartment. The housing provided is nothing like it use to be, it's really very nice.

    I would start with going to the county welfare office and asking to speak with a worker. They will be familiar with the programs that are available in your county or state, or federal government.

    Please let us know how you do and how the children are.

    Warm Wishes, Jeannette
  9. Beadlady

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    please get some housing counseling. Some non profit agencies such as Community Action Parternship can review your situation with you & possiblly set up some special arrangments with you to prevent foreclosure proceedings.
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    Thank you all so much for your blessings and words of advice. I know my husband will leave once this happens as he is very unhappy that we will be losing the house. He is in denial and not helping get the house ready for sale and we have a very slow market at this time. He knows I don't have the energy to get things done like he does. Perhaps, we will be better off with out him all though I know this is going to break my 8 year old's heart. It appears that I qualify for $2000 a month in disability. Not so much to live on where I live but I will make do. I will check into the programs you all mentioned right away before this happens. I'm afraid if I am foreclosed on if the house does not sell than no one will want to rent to me because my credit will be negatively affected. I've always heard you are never given more than you can handle. I can't say I feel that way right now. Thanks again! Much Love!
  11. Cromwell

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    ...Even if you can sell low, do long as you have enough to cover mortgage and realtor...BUT do you HAVE to sell? Have you talked with the bank about transferring to an interest only new payment plan? This means that essentially, you will not be paying any of the equity off,in future, but just interest only. Banks will often be keen to do this rather than foreclose in a slow market area, plus the interest only payments will probably be cheaper than rent, as it seems as if you may qualify for some help in obtaining reduced property and school taxes-most areas have them under STAR or other programs. Apply NOW for HEAP as you have to apply prior to Jan 21st I think, you should qualify also most utility companies have programs that partner with you to work out not only a budget plan, but reduced payments for delivery of your gas and electric. These programs then automatically get you into other programs that will pay for insulation and even windows and weatherproofing your home with NO pay back required. First thibng, though, try to talk person to person, face to face, with a real person at your mortgage lenders. The final thing is, do you belong to a church or your husband to a Union as they often have crisis funds available.

    My heart goes out to you. I don't know how many kids you have but you may also qualify for SSI on top of your disability plus Medicaid and Food Stamps. Medicare should kick in with your disability payments at some stage and the new prescription plans for very low income covers 100% any dr of choice and $5 per prescription-I know as my spouse is disabled and I just signed him onto this. I also have to say that we have lived, the three of us, with pets, on about $2,000 per month for many years, and although I never apply for food stamps, we do own our own home and have managed OK. We shop thrift stores and I never buy convenience foods, I make a LOT of homemade soups and they are really a healthy way to eat. The other thing is that we just got an almost free membership at the YMCA due to being low income/disabled which means our son is not being deprived of activities.

    I am so sorry that your husband is being reluctant to see you through this, he should, the children and you are his responsibility and the manly thing to do is to take care of one's family. I hold you in my heart and hope you can look into some of the suggestions both from myself and others.

    Blessings. Love Cromwell
  12. HppeandMe

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    Thanks so much Cromwell! I really appreciate all of that wonderful advice. I actually am currently in an interest only loan. My monthly mortgage is $2400 more than my disability will be. My husband makes only enough to pay his car payment and buy groceries each month. He also currently has health insurance. I owe about $408,000 on my home and would have to pay a Realtor. The homes are moving so slow and if I get $420,000 I would be lucky. I will pray for luck becuase I need a little of it. What was it that I need to apply for before the 21st? Is that what covers the utilities?

    Thanks so much! I need all of the advice I can get.
  13. Cromwell

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    I see, you must be in CA or NJ or somewhere like that. Seems like if you already have the interest only then that is out, gee, I was hoping that would help, sorry. Realtors are supposed, by law, to negotiate their fee, so get one who will work for 2%, they would be making plenty even at that, especially if they are the lister and broker/owner and won't have to divide their fee, if they are listing low, they may go for it as in a slow market the bargain home will sell. What can you do to make your house look better without too much work? Get all clutter out, everything clean(yes I know, you will need friends to come and clean for you)

    HEAP is the Home Energy assistant Program and you did not say how many kids I am presuming at least two, I think you would qualify-call your local utility provider and ask about any assistance programs they have, plus how to apply for HEAP as it differs state to state.

    We just moved up from Southern NJ back to Upstate NY as one can buy really nice homes here for $80,000 to $170,000(for one close to University)we were only in NJ for a year, and got sticker shock at home prices.

    You do need to go to Social Security, explain your position and make plans with them for ways they can help, as a few others have said, HUD housing etc. get it all in place ready to use if needs must rather than waiting for the bubble to burst. You know what, you WILL get through this, you may have to change your lifestyle, but sometimes that can make life easier, not harder, even though it seems right now as if all is downhill from here, I can tell you that if you really look at what you would be losing, a lot of debt, huge monthly payments, tons of stress and worry. You may have to move elsewhere where life is not so expensive, would that seem feasable? I was actually thinking that where I live, in UPstate NY, one can rent a really nice two bed apartment for $650, that has a pool etc. The disability would seem enormous amount here(my DH gets $558 only) but it is all relative. That $2,000 would surely go a lot further in another State. What would the chance of doing that be? Just a thought.

    Let me know and we'll talk this through a bit.
    Much Love Cromwell
  14. 69mach1

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    sell it yourself...ou could get commision if your licnese is still active...

    rent out some of the other bedrooms...i don't know what else i could tell other than file bankrupstcy...the re buy in a couple of years...i had friends that did that and bought a new home in california here in a year...just paid a little more on interest...but they are doing very well for themselves...

    theysaidit was the best thing they have eve done///

  15. danaDoo

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    Have lived in motels now have an apartment in a bad part of town . Married to someone I would rather not be but, stuck .

  16. kch64

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    Call every charity in your area to assist you at this time.

    Salvation Army or any local charities. Just tell them your story and at the least, they may be able to help with some of the bills so you can have your money go to where its needed most.

    if you have any family, make the call to them. just roll with it, even if its embarrassing.

    Why do you think your husband would leave?

  17. kch64

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    Do a Forsale by owner. You don't have to be realtor to do it.

    google or yahoo forsale by owner, sell your own home, stuff like that.

    You will get lots of hits I bet. Then you won't have to pay any commission.

  18. lcaldwell

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    i concur with all of the other messages! :) Wow that really helps right? Smile!

    I would look into selling the house only after being upfront with your lender. If there are no other options, then put it up for sale. It seems like you just can't afford the house at this time. Ask an agent if he/she would be willing to work pro bono or for a small commission. i am an agent and can tell you that most of us are good helpful people. search around.

    remember that just because you have to sell your house today doesn't mean that you can't buy another one in the future when you can afford it. just cover your bases.

    hope i helped some.
  19. 69mach1

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    it's too bad you didn't do that before the laws changed but you may possibly get out of soe of your debts....

    you will down the road beable to buy again something more affordable...

    can you rent it out to cover payments?

    how about having some people rent out some rooms....