Anyone lose their voice from CFS?

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  1. kholmes46

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    Seems like my voice is always very weak and hoarse, since i've been in this relapse. Makes it very difficult to talk to people in person or on the phone. For me, it's combined with adrenal muscle tightness in my chest. Anyone else have this problem, and any ideas how to make it better?
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    is another one of the 69 symptoms of many think they are "normal" but really do need thryoid support.

    My mom was on Grape Seed when I got on it almost 17 yrs ago and she was 86 at the time, and the first thing I heard was a clear stronger voice in her....gave me goosebumps when I heard how strong she sounded in just a short time on G.E. a
  3. kholmes46

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    Will try grape seed extract--and lots of rest, just as I'm doing now. Leah: have you been bedridden with this for long stretches at a time?
  4. jaminhealth

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    cleans the blood, keeps it from being sticky...

    I have friends in their 80's and one who will be 91 soon and they both say being on G.E. has given them more energy....

    True, they don't deal with CFS or FM but one deals with nasty skin cancers on going with treatments and the 91 has arthritis issues and just plain aging...

    The almost 91 yr old is amazing and what a clear voice....

    So, it sure can help and does help, cure??? I don't what will do that.

    Morbidly, death will. I'm not ready yet so I keep plugging and I do lay down a lot and push myself to get out and walk, don't deal with CFS....
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    I started getting hoarse and losing my voice. After countless sinus issuses(don't be fooled ck out your teeth) I went to an ENT.

    After numerous tests it turned out my swallowing was not right and acid was also burning my esophgus(sp). I do also get the muscle spasms and my thorat tightens up.

    It's from the CFS?Fibro-some nerve damage(caused by dentist). Rest-stop talking-muscle relaxers-anti acids
  6. jaminhealth

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    Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Grape Seed Extract and found this informative site. It has a breakdown of varioous "types" of CFS/ME....and also mentions Dr. Susser who has been in the same group with
    Dr. Gruenn for many years.

    Grape Seed Ex is mentioned along with a lot of other supps and what helps.

    I gather some don't deal with pain per se and many others do.

    I've had EBV tests over the years and it was high some yrs ago and I continue with Olive Leaf Extract daily for many yrs....

    If Grape Seed Ex is being considered I would certainly do a loading dose for a while and see if one can jumpstart the body....I've read about the loading dose in some of my books I own.
  7. MicheleK

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    It is quite a regular symptom of ME/CFS both to get hoarse from speaking and also to progress where the voice goes out or talking actually makes one relapse.

    I lost the ability to speak for the better part of 3 yrs. It was a lonely and frustrating time. I also had troubles swallowing but usually only when I was laying down. This too is a symptom of ME/CFS and usually occurs in patients in a more severe state. The trouble swallowing is caused by the dysregulation of the autonomic nervous system.

    The best thing you can do when you get hoarse it to gargle salt water, take anti-inflammatory supplements such as omega 3's, curcumin, EPA from fish oil, and vitamin D. You should also refrain from using your voice and rest as much as possible.

    Besides the hoarseness and loss of voice one can also experience bad sore throats, and burning mouth syndrome, which makes your tongue and the walls of your mouth feel hot and as if you burned them.

    Because ME/CFS is a neuro/endocrine/immune disorder the constellation of symptoms can seem endless. And the way they seem to takes turns showing up can be so annoying. But rest assured that your hoarseness and loss of voice is "normal" for a ME/CFS patient.

  8. kholmes46

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    And hugs back, Michele.
  9. kholmes46

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    What's a loading dose?
  10. jaminhealth

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    on all my readings on this 1mg per lb of if a person weighs 200 lbs, then take 200mg of G.S.E.

    A loading dose would be to double that to 400mg in order to get the body tissues saturated and to start the healing process..

    I weigh probably 160lb these days, and take usually 200mg two times per I take more anyway...

    Hope this is clear....if you can't tolerate it for whatever reasons then take less and go slower. I've never had issues with G.S.E. Only positive results....jam

    PS: When I had issues with edema two times, I went up to 600mg+ per day and got rid of the edema...this higher dosing did it.
  11. SherylS

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    In your chest? My chest is so tight and hurts all the time. Could this be what I have? Everything checked out fine with my heart and lungs, but I never feel like I can get a full breath!
    Grape seed extract sounds very helpful, but I have sensitivities to anything involving grapes--resveratrol, wine, etc...
  12. Rich333

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    It comes and goes, but I often have trouble talking to people because my voice is weak and I'm hoarse.

    I also have trouble swallowing, and throat spasms...which can be very painful.

    I just carry on, try to stay as relaxed as I can, and these things pass eventually. It helps me to watch something interesting on TV if I can find it, and really take my time with my meals. Eating fast will often trigger a throat spasm...or eating under stressful conditions.

    Trying to stay relaxed is one of the best coping strategies I've ever found for my symptoms...though there are times when that's not possible.
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    are both hallmarks of CFS...and allergies. Put them together at this time of year, and for me it means barely having a voice, itchy eyes, allergic ashthma, ear aches, and one really bad sore throat. I drink herbal tea with honey and lemon, lots of water, and try to avoid going outside early in the am and late in the afternoon when pollen counts are highest. I lose my voice every year around this time of year, and my Immu-allergist ENT advised me to take pseudephedrine for the ear aches that accompany the sore throats and nasal congestion, Allegra (now available in generic) which really helps with the eye itching and loss of voice, Pataday Rx eye drops (which help my eyes from feeling like someone threw sand in them) and an L-Buterol Rx inhaler for when I start wheezing & have trouble breathing due to the occasional allergic asthma (usu triggered by being around fresh-cut grass or anything in bloom).
    I was SO sick from the allergies that I thought I had some sort of virus until I finally went to the doc. At least they are manageable. Oh, and I was already taking all of the aforementioned supplements. Anything and everything to decrease inflammation, esp the grapeseed oil. It's been a record-breaking year for allergies everywhere due to the early spring warm temps.
    Everything you described sounds like it might be "normal" CFS sore throat aggravated by allergies to me. I know I never dreamed allergies could make me so miserable I couldn't sleep, see straight, breathe or hear, ugh! Good luck!
  14. acker

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    I've lost my voice for nearly 4 months now. speaking a few words here and there. tiring to talk and then becomes sore.
    i feel less alone to know others are living with voice loss... yet i'm so worried about it not really getting much better. ent specialist didn't know anything about cfs (surprise) but at least ruled out vocal cord damage and thyroid cause... so others please keep telling me your stories and experiences...
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