Anyone lost custody due to FMS?

Discussion in 'General Health & Wellness' started by toadallypurple, Sep 30, 2003.

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    I have always been "the good person" and have had faith in the law. I raised my children (ages 11 and 15) from day one while constantly being harrassed with custody cases for the last ten years. "A" Honor Roll Students to boot(pats meself on the back)! The "X" provided little to no support and support arrearages exceeded $8,000.00. The Miller County Judge Of Arkansas rushed my case as if he'd rather not be there, not even taking the time to hear more than one of my witnesses. I tried to explain my condition and why I didn't work, but since I am not yet on disability... guess he thought I looked healthy enough. Jeers To Judges That Judge With No Empathy! My Faith Now Lies In God Only!
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    Hi I just got diagnoised with fms its really hard to get people to realize how terrible it is But everone I have talked to that has it say the same thing get it documented and get a good lawer that has dealt with fms before I feel for you and hope everything comes out great for you
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    Lost custody in August but am now adjusting as well as anyone can I guess. The Judge just didn't want to work that day. I was diagnosed in 1998 after being rear ended by a drunk, and had the documentation in court, got behind on medical bills in 2000 and haven't had a doc since. I buy my original prescriptions online, as for that's about the only way I've managed. The good thing is my ex is doing his share now and finding out it's not so easy. Don't have near as much to do now... in some weird way, maybe this was God's way of help. Sure not what I had wished for though.

    Thanks again Gwynne! And if anyone knows of an attorney close who is familiar... would love to hear from you!
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    Could you please tell me how the Dr. found
    out for sure what you had.
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    You might find an answer to your question faster if you posted it on the FMS/CFS Board.
  7. toadallypurple

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    Hi dhudson,
    I was in an auto accident in 1998, and had jaw surgery due to related injury. After surgery is when more symptoms came on. I had many symptoms appear at different times and days, not connecting them to each other. After a slew of doctors, and having spells of what they call "sleep paralysis", my sister had been writing my symptoms down, knowing this was very unlike me. She did research on the pc and suggested a Rheumatologist.
    After many lab tests showed normal, he did what they call a test for tender points and with the results of that test... diagnosed me with FMS. I now have all 64 symptoms. Hope this helps! Somehow I personally think that FMS is tied to MS, but from what I hear MS will not show on tests unless it's attacking the body at the time of the test. Thanks for replying!


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