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  1. desperation

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    Hello everyone,
    During this horrendous illness the overiding symptom ( apart from tiredness ) has been nausea. This is TERRIBLE in the mornings.
    Does anyone else suffer from such awful nausea or is it just me?

    You are all brave, brave souls
    Keep optimistic, one day we will be well and appreciated all the things others take for granted.
    Love and hope

    PS> how do I write more than the page they provide if i want?
  2. ozgran

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    My DR has given me stemetil because of my often nausea and giddiness. Will only give me one script at a time but I could not manage without it, so you are not alone. Love Ozgran
  3. kredca4

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    I am nauseated at the drop of a hat, so bad sometimes I can't even move. I really Hate that.

    There are a few things that I do. One is I eat a Cracker or 2, and slowly sip some gingerale or flattened Squirt, no fizzies for me, I also have IBS. Which add's to the N. problem.

    There is also an oTC med called Emetrol, which is a liquid, the Lemons the best, and that really gets to it quickly,

    I also now take a RX, Vistril, and that has reduced the being sickish feeling a lot. I still get instantly sick if I bend over to pick something up, that comes from my CMP, and what are called Trigger points.

    At first I thought, wonder how old she is,? maybe your Pregrant? not trying to be funny, just helpful.
    I myself am past being able to be Pregrant, so I know what is causing mine, lol, and it would be nice if it was as simple as a Baby on the way, at least I'd have something to show for the times I was sick, ;o)

  4. Peace7

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    Ginger tea helps me out. You can buy it in bags already made or make is yourself by adding a pinch of ground ginger to hot water and sip it. If you have fresh ginger you can cut off a nickel sized slice to put in your hot water or tea.

    Other things that help are graham crackers. I like mine broken up in a bowl of hot soy milk (microwave the milk in the bowl for 35 sec. and add 2 broken up crackers).

    Also squash soup. I get the cartons from the health food store and add a pinch of ginger curry. If you don't have that use a little ginger and a little more curry (less than 1/4 t).

    I had to quit the Lexapro it was just tooooo much.
    Ask your doctor about a different medication.