Anyone need money?

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    Wanted to share with you the coolest website I've ever heard of. It just does my heart good. It exists strictly to GIVE A ONE-TIME SMALL AMOUNT OF MONEY TO WHOMEVER TRULY NEEDS IT! REALLY!!

    It was started by a man who, thirteen years earlier, had received $150.00 from his boss to pay his rent or be evicted. He never forgot that act of kindness. He's now an English professor and donates $500.00/month of his own money to the cause, and of course accepts donations.

    Some examples people request: a woman needed $200.00 for airfare to visit her dying grandmother; a student asked for $26.00 to buy his graduation cap and gown; also money for utility bills, food, car repairs, etc. He says he researches each request, but I'm not sure how.

    My point is, with so many FMS'ers on disability and so many of us in the poorhouse, if you have a real need for medicine, etc. I'm sure he'd be happy to help. His website helps me to realize there is hope for humanity yet!! How many people would do all this work, just to help people and ask for nothing in return? It astounds me.

    If you are "modest" and have "needs", I'm sure a website search would reveal this "org"anization!

    Hope this helps someone. Take care!