Anyone NOT feel better with Magnesium?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by RedB, Jun 16, 2003.

  1. RedB

    RedB New Member

    I have taken this several times, and except for the fact that it very slightly helps my toes that cramp, magnesium does not seem to help my pain. I am now taking ZMA for 3 weeks, but still nothing. I am taking only one a day, however, due to diahrrea.

    Anyone else feel this way?

  2. Shirl

    Shirl New Member

    The thing about supplements, is that it took our bodies a longtime to get deprived of them.
    So you can't expect them to work overnight to repair the damage we have already done to ourselves over the years.

    Taking one a day, is a small amount, so when you can get your system used to the one a day, then add another.

    I am taking 2 Pro Energy (Malic Acid and Magnesium Glycinate).

    Then at night I take two ZMA for sleep.

    I have been taking the Pro Energy for over two years, and the ZMA for one year.

    I am doing wonderfully with the pain, and also with sleep.

    But it did not happen in a couple of weeks, it took months to really feel the difference.

    The ZMA (2 capsules) did work in 2 weeks for sleep, but the pain and spasms took longer.

    HOpe you get to feeling the results soon. All total I take about 450 milligrams of magnesium daily, thats about the average amount.

    Shalom, Shirl
  3. RedB

    RedB New Member

    This is the second time I have tried magnesium. The first time I had a good combo that didn't affect my bowels, but when it ran out, I could not get the same brand. I took it for about 3 months, but never felt much better.

    I'll keep trying with the ZMA.

  4. elaine_p

    elaine_p New Member

    Kathy, I started magnesium last October. I figured it wasn't doing anything because after the first zing of energy (I had a GREAT 29 hours!) I didn't notice any improvement.

    Until, perhaps, March or April! Then I finally noticed that I had a little more energy. (I started digestive enzymes in January, but since magnesium is supposed to help with energy, I figure it just took that long to work.)
  5. healing

    healing New Member

    My DO says it's very hard for folks like us to get enough magnesium orally. That's why he gives it by IV and injection. You can get your cellular levels checked with a mouth swab test done by Great Smokies (think I have that right!).