Anyone not taking pain meds?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Sheila1366, Aug 12, 2006.

  1. Sheila1366

    Sheila1366 New Member

    I can't take any over the counter drugs,ultram is like a sugar pill,lyrica does nothing but dr. wants me to start taking 400mg. a day(that is alot),norvasac does nothing for my raynauds and my reheumy will not give me pain meds. but has given me a perscrition for a muscle relaxer that does's not flexeril but something that does not cause drowziness.

    I am without any help.

    Are there many of you out there that nothing seems to help at all?

    How do you cope?
  2. jinlee

    jinlee Member

    I happen to be taking pain meds, which only seem to dull the pain. I did notice that stopping all aspartame cut down on my pain at least 30 to 40%. If the barametric pressure changes, then it is terrible.

    If you can find a rheumy that specializes in fibro/myofascial pain syndrome, that helps a lot as they have a different treatment method and seems to offer some extra relief.

    Hope things improve for you.
  3. Sheila1366

    Sheila1366 New Member

    Hayle I will do a search on the trigger point massages.Hey, my husband is a fireman too.We love the outdoors,I am working on 2 quilts for my daughters made out of their clothes from childhood,I love to garden but of course the pain is a real problem now and limits what I can do.

    Thanks again,
  4. Adl123

    Adl123 New Member

    I can't take pain meds. because I'm so sensitive to them. I sometimes take Tylenol, but try to keep that to small portions, as my liver is compromised already.

    What has helped me with my fibro pain and my Rheumatoid Arthritis pain, also, is MSM, from the health food store, Aloe Vera Juice, from Walgreen's and Acupuncture. In fact, in a few months, Acupuncture got rid of most of my Fibro pain.

    I hope this helps you. Good luck,
  5. petsrme

    petsrme Member

    Sheila I am in NC too and interested in knowing if you are nearby. I am in Wilkes near the mountains. I am looking for good doctors and support. I also have a child close in age to yours. I am 39. Write back if you are interested in finding someone in NC to be pals with. Thanks.
  6. petsrme

    petsrme Member

    Sorry I am so absentminded I forgot to address your post. I am like you. I have severe pain that is not treated with pain meds. The most my doc prescribes is a muscle relaxer. I have severe pain in my back, hands, wrists and feet. I am getting so frustrated in not getting any relief or help. So many of my friends or people I see are getting the pain meds they need, but I seem to be either not demanding them enough or getting the right doctor. I feel your pain and know what you mean.
  7. pammy52

    pammy52 New Member

    I have been thru the gamut of pain meds over the years.
    Nothing was really effective other than the ones that knocked me out.
    I didn't feel as though that was an answer for me.

    I work full time and can't be hungover going to work.
    Hard enough working with the fog.

    Vicodin is the only pain med I keep on hand now and take it only when I am really miserable.
    I do take Aleve every morning and it seems to help take some of the edge off.

    I have found that eliminating all sugar and processed foods has made a huge diff. in my pain levels.
    Klonopin at bedtime for restless leg syndrome also seems to alleviate some of my pain.

    You may need to find a diff. doc to help you sort things out.
    I wish you the best in finding the right thing for yourself.

    Hugs, Pammy
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  8. cczub

    cczub New Member

    My doctor just doesn't prescribe pain meds for me. My rhummy didn't either. The pain comes and goes and for the past 3 weeks have been real close to my breakdown level... I've been on Ambien CR for the past week and it's not helping with the sleep and I believe this is causing the pain to stick around at such a high level. I've been using icy-hot everyday now for a month. I have to use a heating pad on my back for at least 30 minutes to get out of bed in the morning for work. I even took a hot bath last night which I haven't done in a LONG time.

    Nothing seems to be touching the pain right now.

    Good Luck!
  9. blueski31717

    blueski31717 New Member

    No I do not take any meds at all now. Was in too much of a fog when I did and could not function. Lately I might have to re-think it though. Symptoms getting worse.
  10. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    I try not to. I will take asprin and tylenol when in horrible pain. I have resorted to using amytriptiline again this past two nights but already my stomach is churning.

    I sympathize as I too am med sensitive.

    Love Anne Cromwell
  11. 1975jet

    1975jet New Member

    I don't like to take them- I am on enough other meds; but do take flexeril when I go into spasms- and it all makes me sleepy.
  12. jake123

    jake123 New Member

    I would like to take pain meds just long enough to forget how pain feels. Is that possible? Surely it is not asking too much of our medical profession. I think they are just stingy and maybe a little pious with their damn medicine. And that's all I have to say about that. Except I have a monster neck and shoulder ache right now.

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