Anyone notice food triggers pain?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by gramof2, Jul 15, 2003.

  1. gramof2

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    Hi. Am experiencing a flare up after months of remission. The weather is nicer so I know that hasn't bothered it. Has anyone noticed a flare up after eating certain foods? Thanks
  2. KayL

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    wheat/refined sugar reaction, right? Do a search here on candida or wheat or refined sugars. For many of us, that's a sure trigger for a flare. Other things to also void, at least for me, are foods with MSG, lots of preservatives, like processed meats and canned foods.

    I don't buy anything that has MSG in it, don't use canned vegies due to the sodium, and don't eat processed lunch meats, such as hot dogs, balogna, things like that..

    Dairy causes a lot of problems for some people too.

  3. suz41

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    Hi Gramof 2:

    Sorry to hear your in a flare, I noticed last month that anytime I eat processed food especially in quantities that I usually don't eat a flare may be started. For me sugar, refined flour chocalate and most of the processed foods that contain similiar substances to MSG. I would recommend that you check the label of any boxed foods if you notice alot of additives you may want to avoid these foods. I also avoid any foods with food color additives FD&c Reds etc.. I hope this was helpful, also caffeine can contribute to poor sleep I am only drinking naturally decaf at this point and I have noticed a BIG improvemnet in my sleep recently. Hope you feel better soon, keep us posted.

  4. bamboo

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    i have many food intolerances and i get different symptoms from different foods. i avoid the specific foods that i know make me feel awful (like poultry products, oranges, yogurt, etc.). there is a huge difference in my symptoms when i'm on my best behavior and exclude most carbohydrates, in general, and no wheat and no sugar and the other specifics. doing an elimination diet years ago helped me identify that i had intolerances - i had no idea that food was causing so much pain. taking supplements has greatly helped compensate for whatever i miss by eliminating certain foods. hope this helps - let us know if you sleuth around and discover certain foods causing you problems.
    good luck!!!
  5. joyaura

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    I am just cutting out different foods to find if any trigger flare ups .
    Pasta has a real bad effect on me as does sweets.I only have deccafe tea and coffee.It is hard trying to find what foods trigger flare up but I am sure it will be worth it