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  1. stinker56

    stinker56 New Member

    I work with a lady who has MS. She has similar symptoms as I do with FMS and RA.

    Anyone else know of any one that has MS and some of the same problems we have FMS?

    She has balance problems, eye problems, pain throughout her body, brain fog, etc.

    I have never been tested for MS but I am wondering if maybe I should be.

  2. hatbox121

    hatbox121 New Member

    I have also noticed a similarity. My cousin has MS. I have had MRIs for other reasons though and they showed no lesions so no MS here.
  3. dragon06

    dragon06 New Member

    There are a lot of similar symptoms of MS and FM. A lot of people with FM have been tested for MS. It's definitely a good thing to rule out. You should always try to rule out every other possibility when getting a diagnosis of FM since there is no test for FM.
  4. Crispangel66

    Crispangel66 New Member

    I have noticed that my symptoms are very similar to MS. My

    sister in-law and her mother have fms too and they have

    noticed the same thing. They also went to a new fms dr. who

    told them that fms is a cluster disease and that many people

    that are around you can develop fms. We have noticed that

    what she has said is true, first my sister in-law got it

    and her mother, then soon after they got it I started

    got it too, then soon after a couple of our friends have

    symptoms of it and are in denial that they have it. It is

    and epidemic to us, but not a well known disease.

    Gentle Hugs crispangel
  5. Katywitch

    Katywitch New Member

    I have had my symptoms for about 2 years now and have only just managed to get a doctor who would take me seriously enough to refer me on. I had an MRI scan of my neck and top of my spine and am due to see a neurosurgeon in the next few weeks. While I was researching my own symptoms I frequented two websites. One for arthritis/FM and the other for MS. The symptoms are so very similar as I too get tinnitus, loss of balance, severe fatigue, weight loss, tingling etc etc etc.... so confusing. I still switch from one to the other but hopefully I will get some answers soon?
  6. gws

    gws New Member

    yes, I have both. it took the VA years to figure out what was going on, MRI's show several areas of MS lesions, also my spine. lumbar puncture and evoked potential test's confirmed ms. on top of that i also have fibro/gulf war syndrome, and so many other things, IC, IBS, migrains,some days i cant even walk, it's a double whammy with the ms and fibro
    excuse my spelling and sentance structure, very foggy today

    wishing all a pain free day
  7. ironspine

    ironspine New Member

    Crisp-What did your doctor mean by cluster? This would explain to me why so many people around have this. My friend wouldn't acknowledge my FM because she thought it was too easy for people to say they have many people in the area she lives has it. This is interesting!!
  8. kitteejo

    kitteejo Member

    My two brothers have/had MS, one of which passed away when he was 40 years old. His mylar in the back of his neck and brain was almost gone. He was having complications to Mono at the time of death. This was 18 years ago. My other brother came down with it about 3 years ago and he can barely walk and cannot concentrate or thing clearly. He looks 10 years older than he is.

    I was tested for it when I first got sick and do not have MS just CFID and FM.

    I would get tested if I were you just to ease your mind about it. We have enough to worry about.

    Good luck to you,


  9. stinker56

    stinker56 New Member

    Thanks so much for your input. I am going to ask my rheumatologist at the end of the month when I go for my appointment. He tells me he thinks most of my problems come from the FMS and not RA so I am thinking there may something else he is missing.

    He mentioned doing an MRI on my back due to leg pain so maybe I can have it done for my brain at the same time.

    He has also told me I have multiple connective tissue diseases including Marfan Syndrome. I wouldn't be surprised to hear another diagnosis.

    Once again, thanks for listening and caring.

  10. msbsgblue

    msbsgblue Member

    It took 9 years for Annette Funicello to find out she had MS. It does not always show up in an MRI, as one good friend who has it says it only shows up on her if she is in the middle of a really bad bout.

    Spinal taps can tell them more.

    But with all that Annette did not find out for over 9 years.

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