Anyone on Coag Clear? (Lumbrokinase)

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    I've been w/the FFC for a little over a year. My last visit, I got back the results of a blood test -- Plasminogen Activator Inhibitor (PAI-1) -- and the result was a level of 168 mg/mL (reference range 4-43).

    The doctor has put me on Coag Clear (20mg Lubrokinase, 500 mg Bromelain, 15mg Serrata Peptidase, and 15mg Alpha Chymotrypsin). This is supposed to help to start dissolving the thickening in the cell walls. There is a chanch in a few months that I will go on to low-dose heparin injections.

    I'm supposed to work up to 3 capsules, twice a day. I'm getting my rear kicked with about 2 capsules a day -- only 1/3 of the dose so far! She said it might take some time to work up to it.

    I'm having pain that I haven't had in a while -- mostly arms and shoulders. If I ever forgot what a herx was like, this will remind me!
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