Anyone on EFFEXOR?

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    Hi guys! I don't get to post or even read everyday, so I'm not usually up to speed on what is going on here. I saw my DR. on Friday. I had a horrible sinus infection. He gave me an antibiotic for that, and it has helped but I'm not taking it anymore. After 3 days, my mouth is all sore inside. That has happened before with other antibiotics.

    I complained that I was not improving like I'd hoped with the Neurontin and Celebrex. I thought the Neurontin was making me sleepy, and I can't work in that condition, so was only taking it at night. He started me out on 100mg twice a day. He said he had planned to work me up to 900mg a day! I was taken aback by so much, but I see from what some of the rest of you are taking it isn't out of reason. So, I'm taking 200 mg from the time I get home from work till bedtime. I definitely sleep more soundly. I'm not waking up so much. That's a definite improvement. I have been just dragging myself from bed in the morning and then through the whole day. So, I'm glad for the rest. He also gave me a new prescription for Effexor. Didn't say exactly what it would do for me, but said it would help. Then when I got the prescription filled I found it is an antidepressant, and helps with anxiety. :) Guess that would have to be a good thing. LOL It says it may make you drowsy, so am waiting till the weekend to start taking it. Again, I'm afraid to drive and work not knowing how it will effect me. I was just curious if anyone else has or is taking it, and what your experiences have been. He assured me it wasn't anything habitforming. Hugs & Blessings to all, Donna 0:)
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