Anyone on EFFEXOR?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by kuntryhart, Jan 7, 2003.

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    Hi guys! I don't get to post or even read everyday, so I'm not usually up to speed on what is going on here. I saw my DR. on Friday. I had a horrible sinus infection. He gave me an antibiotic for that, and it has helped but I'm not taking it anymore. After 3 days, my mouth is all sore inside. That has happened before with other antibiotics.

    I complained that I was not improving like I'd hoped with the Neurontin and Celebrex. I thought the Neurontin was making me sleepy, and I can't work in that condition, so was only taking it at night. He started me out on 100mg twice a day. He said he had planned to work me up to 900mg a day! I was taken aback by so much, but I see from what some of the rest of you are taking it isn't out of reason. So, I'm taking 200 mg from the time I get home from work till bedtime. I definitely sleep more soundly. I'm not waking up so much. That's a definite improvement. I have been just dragging myself from bed in the morning and then through the whole day. So, I'm glad for the rest. He also gave me a new prescription for Effexor. Didn't say exactly what it would do for me, but said it would help. Then when I got the prescription filled I found it is an antidepressant, and helps with anxiety. :) Guess that would have to be a good thing. LOL It says it may make you drowsy, so am waiting till the weekend to start taking it. Again, I'm afraid to drive and work not knowing how it will effect me. I was just curious if anyone else has or is taking it, and what your experiences have been. He assured me it wasn't anything habitforming. Hugs & Blessings to all, Donna 0:)
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    Effexor for sometime now...about two years. It has been a great medicine for me. My doc gave it to me for chronic pain and pain related depression. I am on a high dose, 300 mg a day. You usually start at 37mg I believe. The recommended dose is not to exceed 225mg a day. My doc attented a lecture and discovered that other docs were getting good results on this high dose. I was moved up slowly and did not have a problem at any dose. I do not experience any side effects that I am aware of either.

    Good luck to you...
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    Hi, Donna,

    I've been taking Effexor for a couple years myself. I believe a study or two found it might provide relief for fibro pain -- but given my fibro fog, don't quote me on that.

    I am extremely sensitive to meds, especially psych meds, and have had absolutely no side affects from the Effexor. I started out at 37.5mg and now am taking 300 mg.

    I know it helps when I'm feeling depressed because I decided to go off it a while back; my doctor said ok and i gradually worked my way down. Man, could I tell the difference. It wasn't long before I gratefully went back on it!

    My experience won't necessarily be yours, of course -- but it could be.

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    PLEASE PLEASE be careful with this stuff!
    (as with any drug)
    I have never had any good experience with anti-depressants. I don't do well with them. Let me just say that first.

    A rheumy in Indianapolis put me on EffexorXR, and when I complained of severe twitching and jerking, night sweats, gruesome nightmares, and SEVERE constipation requiring a prescription laxative, he DOUBLED the dosage! He tried Klonopin, (too high a dose) then due to sedation, took me off that, and put me on Zanaflex.....I had to stop that....
    He just kept saying to "stay on it a little longer..."
    Meanwhile I'M THE ONE having HORRIBLE gory nightmares, terrible nightsweats, constipation, lost 20 pounds in 6 weeks, twitching and jerking....etc.
    Long story short.........I had to FIRE him to get him to prescribe the lower doses (75mg and 37.5mg each for 2 weeks)
    and I have taken the last anti-depressant I will EVER take.
    I see that it has done other people some good. That's wonderful,,,,just know both, the pros and cons, and DO NOT let any doctor pressure you into taking, or staying on a drug you know is not right for you and your body.
    Weaning off of this EffexorXR is the worst withdrawl I have gone through, aside from about 3 days of hell with Paxil. Unfortunately the Effexor problems are lasting much, much longer.
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    I have been on Effexor for atleast 5-6yrs..I am also sensitive to antidepressants, but have had no problems with Effexor..I take 150mg. at breakfast and 75mg at lunch..
    I also started out at 37.5mg and worked my way up..
    I have heard stories of people going off of it and they say it's not easy - never tried so I can't speak from personal experience..
    But as long as it's working, I'll stay on it forever if I have to..
    Take Care............Donna
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    I'm new to the boards and want to thank all of you for a wealth of helpful information. I've been reading the posts for a while and finally decided to jump in. I've had CFIDS for 13 years, which has been joined by fibromyalgia and MPS in the last 5 years.

    Kuntryhart talked of sores in her mouth from taking antibiotics and I've experienced the same thing. I've found that eating yogurt with live cultures (most commercial ones have them and La Creme is wonderful!) and also taking acidophilus twice a day helps me a lot when I get those painful sores in my mouth. Doing those two things as long as I'm taking antibiotics usually clears it up for me.

    I hope this helps, Donna. Hugs and warm fuzzies for you all.


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    Hi Donna. My psych. has tried me on a lot of antidepressants and Effexor was one that I had side effects from. I can't remember what they were now. I have just started taking Paxil and have been on this for about 3 months starting with a very low dose for a couple of weeks and gradually building to the recommended starting dose. I think this is also an SSRI drug like Effexor and has also found to be of some benefit in treating the pain of fibro. I am very sensitive to medication and it really is a matter of trial and error. I think we just have to try these drugs because we are all different and will react in different ways to the same meds. I hope the Effexor works for you. Luv Mellow
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    Hi Donna! I've been taking Effexor for about 7 months. I really like it. I was at 75 mg. but was still depressed, so now I take 225 mg. and it really helps. I have no side effects and take it in the morning. No problems. I hope you have good luck with it! :)