Anyone on Gabitril?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Cinlou, May 16, 2006.

  1. Cinlou

    Cinlou New Member

    Hi, I did check all the old posts on gabitril, but was wondering if anyone is still taking it.
    Pain Management doc put me on 4mg bedtime for one week, then I am suppose to up it to 1 in morning 1 at bedtime, for one week. Then to up it to 3 a day.
    I have taken it for 4 days. I also take trazadone 50mg, and elavil 25mgs in evening, bedtime.
    I must say I do sleep okay, also the gabitril has helped with quite alot of the pain during the day.
    It just seems like 3 times a day would be too much. From what I gather it really makes you tired during the day.
    What I am wondering has anyone taken it like this? I have to be able to function as I work with children.
    Thanks for your input in advance.
  2. tlayne

    tlayne Member

    I was on this a year ago & it sure did help me. I quit taking it because I started having bad muscle spasms. But I'm really not sure if Gabitril was the cause. Recently I have taken Gabapentin. My dr thought Lyrica would work better for me so she changed me. Lyrica was not good for me (weight gain, hands & feet swelling). I am thinking about trying Gabitril again. The only problem is that my insurance has ran out, and it is spendy. But at this point....what is money!

    Please keep in touch & let me know how you are doing on it. Tam
  3. Cinlou

    Cinlou New Member

    Hi Tlayne,
    Thanks for your responce....
    Well, the latest with this med I have been getting weird dreams and waking up and seeing things that aren't there. Very weird! I called the PM doctor and he told me to stop taking it. It really did help with some of the pain though.

    I wear a brace for carpal tunnel at night and I went to bed with it on, but the next day I couldn't find it when I woke up. I still haven't found it! I know I have walked into the kitchen and have eaten cheese, crackers, liqorice...since taking this. I am wondering if it is kinda like Ambian.

    Now, I have about 85 of the darn pills that I can't take. What a shame we can't give our RX to someone that needs it.
    These meds are so dang expensive. I have insurance, thank goodness.

    I guess there are other meds that are similar, so hopefully I can find one that works.
    Take Care,

  4. tlayne

    tlayne Member

    I had to laugh about the cheese and crackers!!!! You are too cute!

    I found my old prescription last night and took one before bed! I hope it's not too old! I did not sleep too good, but I had more energy today than I have had in a long time (6 or 7 weeks)! Maybe it's just that I am getting over this flare. When I took it before I remember that it gave me energy (not nervous energy), helped the bugs crawling on me feeling, and helped me to think more clearly.

    I'm taking it again tonight!!!! I will let you know how it's doing.

    I am wondering if the combination of all the other sedating meds are causing this effect? I only take Flexeril at night beside the Gabitril that would be sedating?

    What was the dr. next plan of care since he took you off of the Gabitril? Let me know how you are doing. It was nice meeting you! Hugs, Tam
  5. Cinlou

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    Hi there Tlayne,
    So, you tried the gabitril again. You said you hoped it wasn't too old. I know it says to store this med at room tempture between 68 and 77 degress in a tightly closed container, away from heat, light and moisture. I guess it can lose its potentcy.

    Well, I am waiting for referral for Follow Up with PM doctor. I don't know what he plans to do. I imagine he will try another anticonvulsant, I don't know. I am allergic to most narcotic pain meds. That is a bummer, so really limits relief options. It says that sedation is a common side effect of anticonvulsants. I have more energy today because I did not take the gabitril last night. I really had a hard time sleeping. One of those nights you know you were asleep, but like an awarness of you didn't really sleep. Like you were really working on something, like you carried a conversation with someone all night long in your dreams?
    So now I am a wired-tired, know what I mean?
    I see you have CF, I have FM. Sometimes I wonder if I may have both. Either way it's not fun.
    Take Care!

  6. tlayne

    tlayne Member

    I do have both CFS & the fibro. I checked my script last night and it is over a year old. I should know better, but I am in desperation mode right now. I did awesome yesterday, but I slept most of the day today. My Jaw, neck, & upper back are not so bad the last two days tho.

    I hope I find some energy for tomorrow because I said I would go on a field trip with my grandson's 1st grade class!!

    How are you doing without the Gabitril? It seems like you should get some sleep with the Elavil & Trazadone. Have you been on them a long time? If so, you might have built up a resistance to them. Hugs, Tam
  7. Cinlou

    Cinlou New Member


    Wow! A field trip with a group of 1st graders!
    My you are very brave. I work with children with learning problems and I am worn out! What a blessing to have a grandson that you are involved with. You go girl!!! I am sending you energy and good thoughts. Sometimes just being involved will help you forget a little of the pain don't you think? I know it does help me some. Where are you going, if I may ask?

    I have not taken the Elavil and Trazadone very long.I have upped the Elavil and that seems to help. I think you may be right, I may need to adjust the doses.
    Well, you take care and enjoy your day with your grandson.
  8. tlayne

    tlayne Member

    We went on a field trip here in town. The fire department, police department, & ambulance crew, amoung other fun activites were all enjoyed today!

    It was a very nice day & a very nice time! Since I haven't been able to work I try to spend as much time, as I am able, with my grandson's class.

    I met a lady there today that goes to our church. I haven't been able to go much lately, but she recognized me and introduced herself. We got to talking & she also has fibro & CFS. She said she has been well for sometime time! We exchanged phone numbers, so I will have to call her and get the scoop!

    The fun day has knocked me for a loop!

    I am continuing the gabitril, hopeing that it will bring some life back into me. I hope you are doing good. Hugs, Tam