Anyone on Ky State Health ins? Cobra ran out BC rated me up

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    I am trying to find out about health insurance. After being with Blue Cross for 10 years then I lost my job and got my disability last month but won't get my medicare until Nov 2004. Now that my Cobra ran out they said they could not continue on my current policy BUT could with at PPO plan at 889.00 a month with large deductibles. How can they do this to us. I found out today what my meds cost once it have to pay for them and is 2/3 of disabilty check. I am going to cut down and try to wean off the ambien and celexa because at 90 buck each it isn't worth to me, I don't feel all that great taking them so lets go without and see. Anyway, I was hoping someone as already found an alternative. I don't qualify for medicade programs because my disabilty check is more than the requirements, which is 586.00 a month. You make more than that and you are disqualifed. Thanks for any advice, CK
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    The assistance office here in Penna. is paying my medicare premium and I just found a drug company that will give me free meds that they make. I make far more than what you listed so you should fall within the income guide lines.
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    Bumping myself
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    About free meds through the pharmaceutical companies. The docs should have the forms for you.

    Look up Care Entree online. It is not insurance but it costs less than $60 a month. You pay the doc what he or she would get through the local managed care payment plan which is a lot less than you would pay without insurance. It covers medical and hospital. There is prescription and dental available, but my experience with Rx and dental coverage is that you usually break even at best.

    This is an MLM and is sold online, but the company is solid. They have large networks of docs who love it because they still get their money without having to file claim forms with ins. co.'s.

    It's better than nothing.

    Love, Mikie