Anyone on Lyrica Prozac combination, help wanted

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by severina, Apr 4, 2006.

  1. severina

    severina New Member

    Ive been on Prozac for over a year, 20mg and Ive been on Lyrica for a while too. For the past 3 months Ive been having lots of acid indigestion, nausea/vomiting - just wondering if anyone else is on this combination only- and do they ever have the same symptoms?
    I have to add that Im not the greatest eater either so sometimes I am taking them on an empty stomach or sometimes if I dont take either of them for whatever reason, even for 1 day, then I am really jittery and nauseous. Anyone else have these problems?
  2. azcactuslil

    azcactuslil New Member

    Not on Prozac but doc is wanting me to try Lyrica for pain. Has it helped your pain levels at all?
  3. severina

    severina New Member

    I have noticed no major difference in my pain levels to be honest, and some have actually increased in some parts of my body - the only thing is that it helps me sleep a bit better than I did, and that can only be a good thing.
    It would definately be worth you giving it a good go, because as we know, everyone will have a different reaction to meds, and it could really help, good luck!
  4. msmac

    msmac New Member

    you must never forget the dosing schedule and amounts of this drug. You can have a severe reaction, worse than what you are having, even up to brain swelling and death. You can get help for these questions by calling your doctor's office and asking for his med nurse to call you, that it is important, or if you are that sick, it is URGENT that you find help for this!!

    I do take both, am on 40 Prozac and 300 Lyrica.(taking 100 am and 200 pm) I had to back down, 25 mg a day, on the Lyrica as it was toooo sedating. Now I have a little more pain, but am going to try this for a while.

    Best Wishes!
  5. severina

    severina New Member

    Thanks for that msmac.
    I wont be stopping immediately, I know thats the wrong thing to do with any meds.Just wanted to know if anyone has been having problems with the med combination.
    Thanks again, its good to find someone who is taking both.
  6. severina

    severina New Member

    ..for any more help.thanks

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