Anyone on Morphine time release tabs, need info

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by msbsgblue, Jun 17, 2008.

  1. msbsgblue

    msbsgblue Member

    I want to know how many of you take morphine slow reslease tabs.

    How many milligrams do you take and how often do you take them?

    Also, how many take Percocet for break through pain?

    Or do you take both morphine and percocet together?

    I just got put on morphine release tabs today and I had the Percocet that he told me I can take for break through pain.
  2. tandy

    tandy New Member

    I'd kill or either one of these meds~
    LOL (i'm kidding)
    I know the percs work well for pain. (from having teeth pulled)
    the morphine,..I have no idea but I know others here have mentioned being on it for pain.
    wishing you the best, and less pain
  3. pumy

    pumy New Member


    I have taken morphine sulphate 90mg. 3 times a day and percocet 2 times a day. Most days it's adequate I would like to increase the percocet to 3 daily but have been told no. I also take effexor and topomax. Some days I feel like a almost normal person, other days I can't hardly move. I hope this helps.

    Good Luck,

  4. msbsgblue

    msbsgblue Member

    I am not familiar with morphone sulfate or what you saidf

    Mine are just straight morphine tablets.
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  5. Janalynn

    Janalynn New Member

    Is MSContin the same as morphine? I was told it was, and I was on that for a short period of time. I'm not much help because I can't remember the dose. I actually went to Oxycontin from there because it didn't seem strong enough for me (or I should say it didn't do much in relieving my pain). I also took/still do take meds for breakthrough pain. I take percocet and roxycodone (oxycodone without the Tylenol)
    I took it 3 times a day/ take breakthrough meds 3 times a day as well. That is the best for me. Some days I don't need that much, but if I do, it is written that way.
  6. andreake

    andreake New Member

    I took MS contin for years when I was really bad with pain. It probably saved my life, as there were days if given a chance, I probably would have ended it because of my pain.

    I took MS contin with....a phentonal patch, flexril, amnitirptiline and seems like something else....

    Once I was lucky enough to find something else that took care of my pain, I was off the stuff pronto and never, ever wanted it again.

    It served it's purpose and now I am quite a bit better. I did have the usual side effects, nausea, hair loss, constipation etc, but at the time they seemed a small price to pay...

    I hope it helps your pain

  7. msbsgblue

    msbsgblue Member

    Is anyone sure if it is related to Mscontin, he did not write it for Mscontin.

    Morphine is what he gave me.
  8. bikrgrl

    bikrgrl New Member

    mscontin, hydromorphone, etc. are all made from morphine.
    The only difference is some are stronger than other on a per milligram basis.
    I take hydromorphone (dilaudid) it's 8 times stronger than morphine on a per milligram basis.
    I started with a very low dose and am at a moderate level now.
    It's not time released but i take it every day, twice a day. It's the only thing that gets me through.
    If i did not have it, i would not be working.
  9. CanBrit

    CanBrit Member

    My husband is on MS-SR for his severe arthritis. I take MS-Contin (extended release) as my pain med and MS-IR (immediate response) for my breakthrough pain.

    I think the three levels of pain relief work fairly well depending on what you're using it for. The MS-SR my husband takes doesn't give me long enough steady pain relief and it takes too long to work for breakthrough.

    I'm on MS-Contin 15mg twice and day, and I can take up to 4 MS-IR 10 mg if need be. I usually only take 1 or 2 a day. My husband is also now on MS-Contin (15mg 2X day) and has MS-SR (10mg) for extra relief.

    Hope that helps.


  10. tandy

    tandy New Member

    I'm moving in next door to you :)
    it'll be fun!!
  11. msbsgblue

    msbsgblue Member

    I am a little concerned about the Morphine this morning. I read the papers it says it can cause irregular heartbeat or could. I already have an irregular heartbeat. Mine is benigne and I have had it about 25 years.

    So, I call the pharmacist and I ask him if it could make it worse. His reply was "You tell me." Duh, here's your sign as the song said. That really helped a lot.

    So, I went ahead and took it, this has not nelped my pain yet, does it take a while to get in your system? Since it is time release I would think the first one would not be immediate.

    I don't like the way I feel on this first one, think that will go away? I feel a bit tingly and a bit lightheaded or foggier then normal. Sort of ditsee.

    I know some new meds do this til you get use to them. What do you think?

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  12. campbeck97

    campbeck97 New Member

    Hi, yes I take at present MS Contin (morphine sulfate) 1 15 mg extend release at bedtime and 20mg. liquid morphine immediate release every 4-6 hrs for breakthrough pain. I had been up to 5 extend release tablets per day 2 morning and 3 at night but the side effects were just to much for me esp. severe constipation even with massive doses of prescription laxatives , stool softeners etc. also had itching and sweating. The immediate release works better for me as far as decreasing the side effects. I have been on some form of morphine for 6 1/2 years and wouldnt have much of a life without it, I mean I just couldnt stand the pain. I hope you find pain relief very soon. I personally feel better taking a drug thats been around for many many years over the new drugs put on the market to soon and find out later they cause horrible side effects. Good luck and God Bless.Ps. I take the 20 mg liquid at least ever 4-6 hours during the day just to keep the pain at bay not as needed but just every 4-6 hours.
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  13. msbsgblue

    msbsgblue Member

    My second dose and I broke out in a huge red rash, took 3 benadryl to stop it. Darn it happened about 1 1/2 hours after I went to bed.

    I called my doc this morning and with that fast of a reaction I am likely alleregic, so we are putting me on double dose percocet, 10 mg instead of 5 with 2 if I need them at a time.

    I have no side effects with Percocet.

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