Anyone on Prostiq? Has it helped?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by chris350, Sep 15, 2009.

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    I have read that many are on Prostiq for muscle pain and for Chronic Fatique Syndrome. I have been very depressed and I am not aware of very many with Fibro that has tons of energy. If you do let me know. My muscles ache all the time but I thought Cymbalta was the only drug or Anti-Depress for that.

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    hmmm, i've never heard of Prostiq, but i'm going to google it when i'm done here.
    I haven't been diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue, only Fibromyalgia.
    I do take Cymbalta for my FM, so far it's the only anti depressive that I can tolerate.
    It does help with my pain, and also my depression due to my pain and other problems. I just recently have experienced worse fatigue and sleepiness, and my doctor gave me samples of Nuvigil to try. After a few days of different amounts of the 150 mg tablet, I found that I can only tolerate half of the table once daily. When I took a whole one my tongue swelled up!
    I also take 7.5 mg vicodin up to 8 times daily, which I do know and admit is a lot. But, Cymbalta, Vicodin and now Nuvigil are so far the only combination of meds that are helping me. I am in the process of getting other things checked out to hopefully resolve some of my fatigue problems, and therefore hopefully eliminating 1 of these meds.
    So, the Nuvigil is VERY expensive. My co-pay for a 6 month supply is 100 bucks. Granted, it will last for 6 months, but without my insurance, it would have costed me over 500.
    I know I've stated more here than what your question is, but I just wanted to try to explain what I experience. LOL! I do go on a lot on this board, and yet people still reply to my questions, and for that i'm so greatful!!
    I do also need to mention that I have to take my 120 mg Cymbalta before bedtime, as it does make me sleepy.
    Hope I gave you some answer, I do know that other people mention taking other Anti Depressants for their FM, one being Lyrica.
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  4. loto

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    Thanks, I found out the correct spelling when I tried to google it!!! LOL

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