Anyone on SSD who has young children?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by hidlyn, Sep 20, 2005.

  1. hidlyn

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    I'm worried that SS will think that I'm just trying to "get paid for being a stay at home mom". With 2 year old triplets conceived through IVF after diagnosis I'm also afraid that they'll deny me because I "chose" to have children despite the condition. I'm so confused as to whether the benefits will be worth the efforts. Anyone win a case where they had children after DX?


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    I do wish you well, and I do hope that all will go through. I don't know enough about SSD to help, but I am concerned about you!

    How old are your children and how are you managing to keep up with it all? Hopefully someone will be able to help with some information.

    Do take care, and let us hear how things are going.

  3. hidlyn

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    Thank you Sue. I have a part-time nanny that my parents are paying for since I have no friends or family in the area who can help. She's been a Godsend truly. I rest and rest and rest on the three days she's here so I can handle the kids on my own 2 days a week. My husband takes over on the weekends and I help when I can. He does the laundry for us, Kathy does the laundry for the kids, my husband does the groceries if I'm too sick to get them on Fridays and I got real, real, real organized. I have menus for the kids weekly and a menu for the adults monthly which matches a perfect grocery list. The kids are gated off in the family room which is pretty kid proofed and they're so used to seeing me lie around on the couch that they automatically bring me "mama's blankie" when I come in the room. I have my good days and bad, but I pace myself slowly and only concentrate on the kids on the days I'm alone. I'm also very strict with discipline because they HAVE to listen to me. I cannot run around after them and waste my energy. So far, they listen really well for me and are contained, so we're doing alright most days.

    Anyway, that's probably more than you wanted to know! LOL

    Thanks for asking.

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