Anyone on this board get the Lake Tahoe illness in the 1980s?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Bellesmom, May 31, 2003.

  1. Bellesmom

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    I was just wondering. It hit me the other day that I started going to Lake Tahoe in about 1982. I didn't get terribly sick until 2000 but I had just come from Lake Tahoe and the Arizona/Nevada area a few days before getting terribly ill with some sort of virus thing. Have been sick ever since with either CFIDS/FMS or whatever it is.

    Any info would be appreciated.

    Spanaway, WA
  2. Bacci

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    It's hard to say where these things come from, especially if they don't show up for years. i live about four hours from Lake Tahoe and it was and still is avery popular vacaction spot for my family. I visited Incline Village on many occasions during the 80's and lived there for two years in the 90's. I have also had mono--but not during the time I was in Tahoe. Is there a correlation? Who knows. I got CFIDS three years after moving home from Tahoe. I have lived a lot ofplaces and worked in hospitals and I can think of a number of places it could have come froom, but haven't had much luck pinpointing a source yet.

    It's all so frustrating to try to figure this thing out! I mean we don't even know what causes it so it's hard to figure out where we got it! I only hope that someday we have some answers so that we can be accepted as legitimate patients and so we can stop having to explain to everyone just exactly what this illness is:)

    Best of luck on your search for the source,
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    I was walking in Lake Tahoe in 1989 on a Vegas vacation.