Anyone on/tried Progesterone for FM?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by lumediluna, Mar 23, 2003.

  1. lumediluna

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    I was just curious?!
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  2. judywhit

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    using the progest cream. I know that I used to take progestron injections for severe pms and I always felt better. Wow, if there is a connection here...I would get those progesteron shots again. I would do anything to feel 1/2 normal again. keep us posted as to your findings.
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    I don't know how useful progesterone cream is for FM, but I have been using progesterone cream for PMS and perimenopause symptoms and it has been a lifesaver. You may experience some immediate relief with it, however, it usually takes some time to experience the effects. I should also tell you that the progesterone cream I use (Fountain of Youth brand) has natural herbs in it noted to help PMS and menopause symptoms in addition to the progesterone. When I've taken plain progesterone, I do not experience the benefits I do with this particular combination. That may be due to differences in quality - I can't be sure. I just know it helps.

    I have repeatedly (but not always) experienced not only a relief in PMS symptoms such as cramps and breast tenderness, but also an increase in energy, mental clarity, and a sense of calmness.
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    (Assuming this is what you were referring to craftyjody.) I'd cut and paste but I'm always concerned about copyright issues, so I'm only giving the URLs.

    For info on FM's relationship to hormones, go to:

    With regard to CFS' relationship to hormonal imbalance:

    Roby's Recommended treatment for CFS/FM:
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  5. babyblues68

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    I've used the progesterone cream in the past before I knew what was really wrong with me. Can't say if it helped or not with this DD. It did help with PMS. At the time I was grasping at anything to fix this DD.

    Ladies just be careful that you understand the difference in progesterone - progestin/progestagen. I'm am one who can NOT take the pill which has the synthetic form in it.

    Progesterone is administered as a progestin (also called a progestagen), which is a ****synthetic progesterone-like compound.*** Medroxyprogesterone (Provera) is used most commonly today, but there are others. Injectable progestins and pure progesterone vaginal suppositories are available, but are not very popular. There is also porgesterone cream that you apply to the soft areas of your body. ie: inside upper arm, breast or neck area.

    The cream can be gotten at any health store and companies sell it on line. I used Arbonne that I got from a consultant that sold it at my church. They have a website...when there go under balancing creams. The great thing about this patricular brand is it's in pump form so your hands do not contaminate the rest of the cream. Most of all it's NOT in SYNTHETIC form.


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    I've just looked at dr roby's web-sites, and was not happy with what I saw. First, here's his definition of CFS:

    "Chronic fatigue syndrome or CFS, is a more and more frequent diagnosis in the last few years. These people have such bone jarring fatigue that they are often unable to get through their daily routines. Many have become so debilitated that they are unable to work at any type of regular job and some cannot even take care of themselves"

    CFS = being fatigued? makes me want to scream.

    The hormone allergy page makes me want to scream for different reasons. His view of woman is disgusting, and sounds a bit as if he got it from soft porn mags ...

    well, ok, perhaps I'm in a bad mood, but still.
  7. fern

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    I am on progesterone cream now. I was DX in the mid 90s with Endometriosis and was put on synthetic progesterone injections ( Depo Provera ) for a year. I thought that I was going to die from them. Of course my gyn thought that the longer that I could stay on it the better that it would get. Well long story short, I was miserable. I slept, cried , gained wieght, and had one constant period for the whole year. Yuk!
    I went off after the year that I had commited to and went with out for several years. The pain was outstanding but I was not going back on the injections.
    Then I was introduced to natural progesterone cream. Hurray!
    I love it. I have no side effects and it helps a great deal with the pain.
    Now here is the other part. I was DX with FMS in 2000. I have noticed a great deal of help with those symptoms too. With the progesterone cream you must stop using it during your cycle and when I do that it is very noticable that the FMS symptoms do increase. The day that I go back on the cream I feel a good deal of improvement right away.
    Aside from the male Drs and their hypothesis's I can tell you being that I am female and having personal experience that hormones do have a very direct influence upon the illness.
    As for which was first it is a bit of the " Which came first the chicken of the egg? " thing.

    Take care all

  8. tandy

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    I've suffered from FM and endometriosis for years.
    I thought/wondered the very same thing!!! I had read on pregesterone in a cream,being used for bad PMS and cramping.I wondered too if it would help my endo pain?? I've been on the stupid Depo shots for almost 3 years!!and I asked my GYN what other alternatives do I have if I want to go off depo?She said not many....possibly just the pill but she did'nt think it would be enough to help with my endo pain.(but we can try it....) Anyway,what kind of progesterone do you get?where do you rub it?how much and how often?? Is this cream all you are doing for your endo??
    I'd LOVE to get off those Damn killer shots!!(way too many side effects for me)Not only the weight gain for me but headaches,more fog,FM seems worse??
    Please try to get back to me on this~
    Take care and thanks so much for the mentioning~
    :) Tracey
  9. klutzo

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    I have progesterone drops, specially compounded for me. They cost $10 for a 90 day supply and have helped my general mood immensely. My doc says they will also help my thyroid work better.
  10. horsegal

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    Hope you all don't get tired of me saying this, but since I've been taking the brand FEMhrt, which is a combination of est. & progest. I've felt better. I asked the phar.if there was a generic for it and he said no. I guess it is relatively, I guess I take proges. and it helps. There was a thread about hormones helping the thyroid work better. Maybe that is what is going on with me.?????
  11. tandy

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    Hoping for an answer here on wether or not progesterone cream can help with Endo pain??Thanx!
  12. rosebud41298

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    A few years ago I started hemmoraging during my period to a point my family dr. (on a weekend also) called in progesterone,Of which it stopped immediately. I explained all of these problems to gyn. who put me on a low hormone birth control pill. The birth control pill Loesterin (sp?) has helped my periods immensely and barely cramps or hot flashes and pms. So that alone makes me feel better. This is just a little FYI.
  13. tandy

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    I'll check into some form of progesterone~
    Take care.....
  14. klutzo

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    What about YOU? Surely you are not taking Progesterone, are you? I am on this treatment and it is helping, but I wonder about men. How can he explain your illness by progeserone problems? Does he give testosterone instead? I am aware of a testosterone protocol for men with fibro, based on the finding that many nen with fibro have low levels of it. I guess he probably won't answer you about this, sicne he was offended by your previous posts. I ahd the same problem when I challenged Dr. Poesnecker to prove the safety of his glandular extracts from parasite contamination. However, I am trying not to confuse the personality with the message, which I believe is still a sound one. Many doctors are arrogant with huge egos. Madwolf had asked exactly this same question about how to treat men, and I had hoped he would send Dr. Roby an e-mail about it. If I ask myself, it will seem strange, since my ISP prints my real name on all e-mails, and it is obviously a female name.
    Any other men out there willing to go to Dr. Roby's website and send an e-mail asking how he treats men with Fibro/CFS?