Anyone on Zanaflex for fibro? What were your results?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by BonnieQ, May 12, 2003.

  1. BonnieQ

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    My dr is talking of putting me on zanaflex, after he gets my bloodwork/urinalysis and cks it. I just wonder if anyone has gotten good results from it. I did the search and saw alot use it at night time as he did say it makes some people drowsy. But does anyone take it during the day???
    He is a rheumatologist and quite knowledgable, I just hate taking a drug that makes me sleepy during the day, I already am! Anyone?? Thanks.
  2. BonnieQ

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    anyone else??
  3. amaryllis

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    maybe it was too short of a while, I'm not really sure, but I don't seem to get a lot of benefit from muscle relaxers (pain wise) anyway. None of them make me sleepy unless I actually lay down to go to sleep, do you know what I mean? If I take one, I can go about my day without any sleepy side effects, but when I take one at night just before going to bed, it seems to help me sleep better.

    Give it a try, it won't hurt and if you do get that sleepy feeling on it during the day, there are other things you can try. Parafon Forte DSC actually has a small dose of caffiene in it, so that may be a daytime option for you - ask you doc about it.

  4. TNhayley

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    I haven't really noticed a whole lot of difference since starting Zanaflex (going on 7-8 months). I'm up to 8mgs. I'm sticking with it for now, because its supposed to help lower Substance P levels. I need to get my RX refilled ... haven't had it in a few days, and notice no difference. My thinking is that it is probably a more gradual thing <?>. I did try taking it in the am ... and it did make me groggy with no obvious improvement in pain. Some people say it really helps them.
  5. KayL

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    I take 8 mg at night with 10 mg Elavil for sleep. No way I could take it during the day, it knocks me out, and that's exactly *why* I'm taking it. And I don't take it until I am lying in bed - I made the mistake twice previously of taking it while I was still up and around before bedtime, and when the stuff hit me, I nearly passed out.

  6. outraged

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    Hi Bonnie!

    Like alot of medications, they react differently with each individual patient. As for me, Xanaflex did not help me. I took it for several weeks and noticed no difference.
    I hope that it works for you at least at some level.

    Best of Luck,

  7. I have never used it, but am going to ask my dr. about it. I have heard it is supposed to be good for treating fibro.