anyone on zyrem? chance someone might prescribe it to me.

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  1. dani78xo

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    is anyone taking zyrem? {sp?}

    a psychologist i went to see today
    told me that what HE most thought would help
    is getting on zyrem.

    it's a date rape drug.
    and apparently since it basically puts you in a coma,
    it's the only "sleep" med that'll put you into stage 4 sleep.

    he wants to get a couple neuros to doa sleep study on me,
    proving that i could get help from this drug,
    and then making a better case for someone to prescribe it.
    which is VERY unlikely,
    since it isn't a very commonly prescribed drug from what he said,
    especially to minors.

    i'm very skeptical about it too.
    i don't exactly find being drugged helpful.

    he said it doesn't have side effects,
    since it only lasts for four hours,
    and you have to take itagain like four hours after you start sleeping,
    so you actually stay asleep.

    just wondering if anyone is on it.
    in the rare chance they actually FIND a case big enough to get me on it,
    i want to know more about it rather than it's helpful for treating narcolepsy {or is it epilepsy? i don't really remember =[.}

    thank youu =].
  2. Meghanne

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    ...and if you do a search you'll find my posts. The latest is titles Xyrem update and it's on about page 3 or 4 right now. I'll go bump it so it's on page 1.

  3. srh

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    No but the Pain Spec put me on Ketamine today, which is also a date rape drug. I don't have to take it twice though, just once when i take my ativan and everything else. He said it is supposed to help with the pain.
  4. agcgmom

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    I have been on xyrem for over a year. I do not tolerate much typical FMS meds, and I have tried many, but I have not had much in the way of side effects from xyrem. I started at the minimal dose and have worked up to a 9 ml dose twice a night. Although I take 9 the first dose I take 8 to 8 1/2 the second dose or I might feel sick in the morning. It does not "knock" me out immediately. It is a gradual sleepy feeling for me and I do get the deep sleep I need. I get 3 hours of sleep on each dose for a total of 6 hours. That is amazing for me! I take 10 of ambien too. My Dr wants me to take 20 of ambien but my insurance won't pay for that. Since being on the xyrem I am off all other meds except either a tramadol or vicodin at night. The people at Orphan told me if I am hurting, The xyrem won't keep me asleep. That is true. I have discovered that sleep is the key to my well being. My pain level is significantly reduced. I feel better and rested most of the time. I can get up at night or can deal with an event if it wakes me up. There is certainly that "drunk" feeling if I do not get enough sleep per dose and will feel sick in the morning if I wake up too soon. Xyrem has been good for me. I hope that with the positive results from the clinical trial that the FDA will approve it for FMS and it will become more accessible to more people.
  5. MaryCecelia

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    I've been taking Xyrem since March, and I'm SO glad I finally started it. For 2 yrs. my dr. urged me to have a sleep study, but I resisted because I knew I'd end up needing Xyrem, and I was terrified of it. Boy, was I wrong! I'm doing much better and wish I'd done it sooner. Good luck to you.