Anyone one else itch?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by klarry, Jun 29, 2003.

  1. klarry

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    I wonder if anyone else has my problem. I am fine during the day, but often in the night I awake and am itching (mostly in my hands and arms). This has gone on for years. I probably have dry skin, but I am perplexed that my worst itching is at night. Is this another FM symptom?
  2. EllenComstock

    EllenComstock New Member

    Yes, unfortunately itching is another problem of FM. I have had it for years. For me it is especially bad on my back. I have to be careful or I sometimes will itch until it bleeds. I'm not sure why it's bad for you at night. One thing that has helped me is to stay away from products that are scented-toilet paper, laundry detergent, soap, etc. You might try that.

    Ellen Comstock
  3. Plantscaper

    Plantscaper New Member

    But the intense itching is usually in reactions to substances to which I am allergic..Tried some a new supplement for Phytoestrogens and apparently very allergic to either one or several components..just today, itching has calmed..It can take me several days to work it out of system..I have found that I am allergic to many herbs.. and sometimes inhalant allergens.. IT IS ALWAYS SOMETHING!!!
  4. aduck

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    As soon as I stopped using tha body lotion I had been using for years, my edema and itching went away almost immediately, and for about a year or more I was becoming so ill every evening with itching and nausea and weakness that I couldn't take it anymore. This itching and illness every evening was just about the worst thing I ever felt and I have real bad relapses with CFS/FM, but the ithing and nausea that goes with it and asthma I just cannot handle.

    So I stopped everything I had been using.

    I stopped using body lotion for a few months even though I felt I needed it, but I found out I really didn't need it that much. Then after a few months I started using body lotions, just a little, with no fragrance, all "natural" and no petroleum products.

    Also, I had swithced to "Granny's" liquid soap for my laundry detergent AND shampoo. This was all I used and I got so much better.

    I detoxified a lot from switching to these products and stopped itching almost immediately after I stopped the body lotion.

    I had not been taking medications for awhile because of all the itching and rashes each one gave me.

    I'm sensitive to almost everything, it seems. I could only wear real real soft clothes, like satin/silk., Even cotton felt rough and gave me rashes, even organic cotton. Satin was fine. Now I wear all kinds of clothes, and I itch no more unless I try to eat something different.
  5. elaine_p

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    I've never had the severe itching many complain about, maybe because when I first got sick my mom mentioned it, so I switched my soap and body lotion almost right away.

    After 5 years, I finally resumed using the old lotion. Itch a little more than I had been, but the money saved is worth it (for now--and the itching's not bad). So I decided to try the old (cheaper) soaps, too.... I didn't itch, maybe I didn't use them long enough to, but I finally realized they were causing my eyes to be exTREMEly dry, even the soap I didn't use on my face.

    I didn't have to go the route aduck mentioned--I've just been using glycerine soap that I buy at the supermarket, and I even get the pretty colored/scented ones. If anyone wants to know, the lotion I switched to at first was Baby Magic.
  6. klarry

    klarry New Member

    How wonderful to know that I am not alone in this odd symptom! Next time I itch (tonight ) I will be thinking of you all.
    I already use a detergent without any scent. I tried using a very mild soap powder, but found I was developing boils under my arms. My doctor suggested I go back to a stronger detergent.
    Since I have seborrheic dermatitis, I use a very mild soap in the shower, and a non soap product (Cam lotion) on my face.
    I will definitely look at my hand lotion as a possible irritant. Any other suggestions would be welcome.
  7. elaine_p

    elaine_p New Member

    Klarry, I know that scents are what we're most sensitive to, but can't assume that just because something's unscented it will work for me/us. Sounds like you've tried different stuff. already. But have you tried changing your laundry detergent? Dry sheet? Sorry I'm not much help.
  8. klarry

    klarry New Member

    That's a good suggestion. I will try another detergent. right now I use Tide, but I'm open to suggestions. After a night of scratching, I am willing to do anything!!!!!
  9. laeaurra

    laeaurra New Member

    I think that unless your itch has followed a new med or new food or some other irritant, FMS is likely too blame. But do make certain you are not hving an allergic reaction. The itch which for me usually a full body itch if just another of the weird nerve freak out things happens with fibro including the tingling or numbing paratheisias and the hot burning sensations that run up and down my spine and sometims in the middle of muscle spasms from time to time. Treating for dry skin repeatedly with a variety of both cheap and expensive products, while great for my skin, did nothing to relieve the itch for me neither did antihistamins indicating it wa snot an allergy thing.Fortunately it does ome and go rathe rthan remaining constant for me. I have read in othe rplaces on the net about the itch and in a book or two as well. It is either the nerves freaking and sending the wrong signal or the brain interpreting it wrong ( which is what some docs think is the basis for most fibro pain) as seems to be the case with the other atypical sensations that come with FMS. Sometime, but not always, I can take a really hot bath and the heat does that sensation gate overloading thing and tones it down.

    Hope that was helpful

  10. Sherry

    Sherry New Member

    Ever since I got fibromyalgia I itch all over. Even my eyes and up my nose feels itchy. Its a horrible jaggy itch. I can't stand this illness.

  11. kadywill

    kadywill New Member

    I have a thirty year history of this problem as well as the FMS. On the "yah--" search engine,(we can't post websites or URLs) I go to a board for chronic urticaria or chronic angioedema. Might help you, too.
    So sorry that you have this. Mine's at night as well, and this is quite common as our cortisol levels are getting lower at that time, with their lowest in the early morning.
    Good luck!
  12. aduck

    aduck New Member

    It could be SO many things that you're sensitive to, though. Just keep trying and don't give up.

    You could even just wash your clothes in baking soda, but rinse them two times at LEAST through the rinse cycle. Baking soda is so much better and works so good, I think. I was so sensitive I coudn't even put my clothes in the dryer for awhile because my family members dried their clothes in there with the Tide detergent on them.
  13. bluebirder

    bluebirder New Member

    Oh I remember all the sinus infections and sore throats as well as the itching from the "big T" laundry powder. I notice now when I visit family that uses it in the liquid form I have a lesser reaction.

    Hoping it improves for you.And yes I do still have bouts of itchy like there must be some kind of rash back there.
  14. retiredlady

    retiredlady New Member

    Klarry, I also found Tide detergeants to cause even more itching. After using benedryl, oatmeal baths and different creams, my doctor put me on Zyrtec which has helped more than anything. I no longer wake up at nite itching all over and it was horrible before.

    Good luck

    Audrey - new to board