Anyone out there also have FM at a young age?

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    JJMMRJ New Member

    Hi everyone,

    I finally just joined after having Fibromyalgia for the past ten years. Amazingly I am only 21 years old, and have struggled through many ups and downs over the years.

    Since pain, stiffness and fatigue have always just been part of my life, I have learned to think of them as normal and still carry on my normal life with them. I am finishing my degree in Cell and Molecular Biology and a minor in Chemistry, and am greatly involved in research.

    Mostly I have heard of women being affected by Fibromyalgia later in life, and I was interested in seeing how many of you out there have dealt with it since a young age like me.

    I look forward to reading your responses and sharing advice in the future :)

    ~ Janelle
  2. erinwilburn

    erinwilburn New Member

    but I have delt with the fatigue since 12 and I remember my first crippling flare at 15. It felt like I had been hit by a car.

    I have to say that my teen years where greatly affected. My parents and I argued all the time about my sleep and too many times I was told I was just lazy.(they still can not understand)

    My schooling was greatly disabled by my illness and I paid dearly when I decided to go to university and couldn't do math to save my life.

    But then at 21 I was abled to do missionary work for my church and in my own way recived an education in life. And since then my thirst for information has never stopped.

    I met my hubby during a great time when I honestly don't remember any pain and was able to be a crazy 20 something.

    We have been married for 5 years and 3 have been spent flat in bed with both FM and RA but I was only dx in Aug. of 07.

    I think the hardest things are feeling so crapy and being young and cute(he he he) How many times do hear.."you don't look sick" or "you are too young to be using that cane"

    for me the best thing has been open comunication with my friends and hubby. No one can begin to try to understand unless we teach them. And there is still a lot of life to be lived so we just have to find our way of doing it! And hopfully have fun along the way!
  3. lca

    lca New Member

    In the search box above type in "who remembers any symptoms from childhood". The post was from poppy2 and two pages of interesting replies are there. I think it was dated 8/2007.

    I'm sorry you had to go through this early too. I just don't know what normal is supposed to feel like. Don't know if I ever will.
  4. xphile

    xphile New Member

    Hi, I am 30 right now, but believe I have had fibro since I was at least in my mid-teens. I've had two TMJ surgeries(and TMJ is a fibro related symptom) and I have chronic insomnia yet at the same time exhaustion, plus a host of other symptoms. You aren't alone and I want you to know my prayers will be with you! :)

  5. ModestAustin811

    ModestAustin811 New Member

    17 here, graduating highschool, going to college for film and television production.

    Endless amounts of fatigue
  6. Shalome1990

    Shalome1990 New Member

    I can remember skipping school to sleep and flunked my junior year of high school. So, I know I have had it since I was 17.
    However, I remember horrible headaches since the age of 13.
  7. frosty77

    frosty77 New Member

    I've had it since I was 11 (I'm now 47).
  8. sweetbeatlvr

    sweetbeatlvr New Member

    when my mom started taking me to doctors for joint pain and weird rashes on my palms and bottoms of my feet.

    doctors could never explain it.

    i was either told it was nothing or it was bursitis and given anti amflammatories.

    i'm almost 33 now, and was just diagnosed last November, after it kicked in to high gear after a hysterectomy for Endometriosis, last June.

    JJMMRJ New Member

    Hi Blue-belle,

    It's so funny when I read what you write, b/c I know EXACTLY what you are saying. I have gone to several different doctors to keep reconfirming my diagnosis and asking for a wide array of tests, b/c I keep hoping that it is something else that they actually know about. I've never told anyone that before, lol, b/c it sounds bad to wish you had something worse just so they know what it is.

    I am actually a cell and molecular biology student/researcher (just about to graduate) and my dream/goal is to start a biotech company that focuses it's research in uncovering what causes FM, better ways to diagnose, and treatments. I feel so motivated to pursue this, even though it will be a lot of work, b/c I know how difficult my personnel experience has been over the past 10 years. I want it to be better for ppl now and in the future.

    I always hate going to the doctors, b/c 1/2 the time I end up crying, b/c I'm so frustrated. They say things like, "Are you sure you're just not depressed?" I even had one doctor ask me if I was molested as a child, b/c he said "That is the only way you can get FM." Believe me I got the hell out of that office.

    Through the years my FM has definitely been unpredictable, b/c I go through times I'm bedridden to others where I'm in the gym 5 days a week. It's like a cycle almost. In general I get what I need to do done and don't have energy for anything else.

    Luckily a few months ago I stumbled upon a chronic pain specialist who reevaluated me and put me on the right track. Now since I am feeling better (but in no way "normal") I am motivated to get involved in FM research.

    I hope one day what I do can help all of you out there.

  10. JJMMRJ

    JJMMRJ New Member

    I think it's funny how doctor's and resources always say FM is usually only onsets later in life. Obviously there are a lot of us out there who have had issues from a young age. You'd think they'd catch on by now, lol. If they'd accept that it could occur at any age, people would be diagnosed earlier and be receiving better treatment.

    If anyone has Kaiser, I just found out that some of them off a "Chronic Pain Management Program." It's amazing, b/c you have your own pain specialist, pharmacist (who calls you on a regular basis to see how your meds are working), counselor, and PT. They all get together and have a meeting about you to figure out the best way for you (as an individual with individual needs) to be treated. My dr has also recommended herbal and topical remedies (not just pills), which is rare with regular doctors.

    Check it out, it has made a big difference in my life.

    :) Lots of love and prayers

    P.S. I'm getting addicted to this forum. It feels amazing to have all these people who understand you. Thanks for the support
  11. dragon06

    dragon06 New Member

    basically I have had symptoms of FM and CFS since I was about 3 years old. I struggled a lot with it in my became severe and totally debilitating after my gallbladder surgery when I was 28. I am 33 now.
  12. jinlee

    jinlee Member

    I look back and think I was getting sick a lot sooner, though.

    I am 53 now so don't really remember anymore what "normal" is.

    I just remember how awful it was to be suddenly taken out of my youth. My friends were doing things and I couldn't do them because I was way too sick. It was called the yuppie flu back then. The docs all said "i must be doing drugs." I did become suicidal at the time as there was no help, no diagnosis and I was so very sick.

  13. CockatooMom

    CockatooMom New Member

    Hello and Welcome Janelle!

    I was about 20 when I started going to doctors about pain in my knees. I was finally Dx'd w/FM at 26. I will be 40 in September.

    I'm sorry to hear you had these problems from such a young age. It's been hard enough at my age.

  14. nerdieduckie

    nerdieduckie New Member

    I was officially diagnosed when I was 16, but I had been having problems since I was 10, or at least somewhere around that area. I'm beginning to wonder if I had it even earlier than that.

    I'm now 19. Attempting my first semester of college this fall. I'm scared but I know with my hard-headed stubbornness I can do it LOL.

    Heck, it helped me graduate from high school on time.

    Who knew being so stubborn could ever come in handy?
  15. bchloej

    bchloej New Member

    AS a tot of about 2, i remember being sick in bed for a long time, parents discussed my burial site, I remember. Do not know why I was sick, but during elementary and high school my legs hurt terrible, and I was often very tired, ;had anxiety, and was nervous. Ilm almost 55 now. Tramodol helps some, but am looking into how to make one of those transcranial devices, and will look into the LDT.
  16. raven5000

    raven5000 New Member

    I have done a lot of reading since my dx in sug/nov of 07. I'm 44 now, and came across an article that suggested that FM was frequently just dismissed as growing pains when we were young. I remember having such horrible 'growing pains" which beleive it or not are in the exact same places that my first tender spots showed up. I thought I was going crazy to have growing pains so late in life. I was sick a lot during elementary school although I skipped 4th grade and have high IQ. I remember teachers bringing homework home to me so I wouldn't fall behind because it took soooo long to get over mono and pneumonia.

    I have suffered several traumatic events throughout my life and with each one, what I now know are symptoms of FM, they got worse and worse.

    After my Dad died in july of 06 after a long time at home with our care and home hospice help, the disease became full blown and I was no longer able to work.

    I had been to several docs over the yrs about my hips and not being able to walk but nothing ever showed up in xrays and dismissed as "all in my mind" or given antidepressants.

    I hope and pray that you stay strong enough to find us an answer as to what causes this dibilitating illness and the path to a cure.


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