anyone out there have their back fused?

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    looking to get any and all info on back surgeries-pros and cons
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    I had my L-5 and L-4 fused in 2000. It only took the pain from my left foot up to my knee. It didn't work for me, but a few people I talked to before my surgery said it worked for them. I now have fibro and recently was diagnosed with arthritis in my spine(lower) and the MRI showed that now my back fused itself together from L-5 to S-1. I have pain(sciatica everyday with the FM) and I also have 2 bulging disks, I will not have another surgery and my doctor is really happy to hear I don't want another one.So, I see a massage therapist as often as I can afford with gentle stretching. I feel good for about 1 hour. Its worth it to me. I don't know what I plan on doing about my lower back but hopefully they'll come up with something better. Please research pros and cons before you put yourself under the knife. If you decide to get it done, make sure they go through the abdomen(like a c-section), you will heal much faster than if they cut you in the back. Depending on where your fusion is to take place.
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    fuse some of your back, the rest of the spine weakens above it and you eventually have to get that fused and then the spine weakens above that and you are caught in a vicious cycle of having to get more fusions until your whole spine is fused.

    Also, it turns out that my pain in my back is really from FMS which I didn't know when I was looking into this.

    I found out about back fusions from an excellent Physiatrist who works on a lot of the Oakland Raiders and jockeys in the Bay Area. Needless to say, I did not have it done.

    Pilates has helped me with my back problems the best out of everything I've tried. I had a personal trainer.

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