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    been diagnosed with gastroparesis, with no physical reason to have it? My pcp told me its pretty rare except for folks who've had diabetes for many years, not something I have. I have no reason to have gastroparesis(a slowly emptying stomach), and it can cause no end of troubles. I've not seen it listed as a fibro symptom, but was just wondering if anyone out there has it too.

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    I don't have gastroparesis, although I have had several other digestive problems, including low stomach acid. Low stomach acid is extremely common in people with CFS.

    Here's a simple at home test to check stomach acid, which richvank posted quite awhile ago:

    For those who haven't heard of the baking soda--burp test, it goes like this: On an empty stomach, drink a glass of water (about 8 oz.) into which you have mixed one-quarter teaspoon of baking soda (sodium bicarbonate). See how long it takes you to burp. If you haven't burped in two minutes, your stomach acid production is low.

    Here's a link to Dr. Weil and some possible remedies for gastroparesis

    Also, here's a link that suggests that gastroparesis can be caused by low stomach acid:

    Before I got my digestion sorted out (I now take HCL and digestive enzymes with meals), my stomach would feel very full for a long time after eating - it felt like the food was just sitting there, which I guess it was. I was very fortunate to have a chiropractor who did muscle testing who first found my low stomach acid. Later blood tests confirmed this.

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    it is actually very common among those with ME/CFS
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    I was recently diagnosed with gastroparesis (sp) too. I don't know if it is an added bonus with ME/CFS/fibro or if I'm just lucky ; ).
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    If you put "gastroparesis" in the title of your post, you may get more responses. Some people only scan titles due to time constraints. Good luck.

    Love, Mikie