Anyone out there tonight?

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    Hi everyone - wow what I couldn't do for a good night's sleep tonight?? Appears another new symptom of FMS/CFS/IBS has shown up?? Did not get a sound sleep at all last night and have been up since 5:00 am. I did not sleep sound and at 5:00 am my whole body started tingling and I felt warm. Feels like needles and pins are all over. Obviously, a very bad flare up today. Spent most of the day in bed. The tingling finally stopped about 3 hours later and has now shown up again. Its a very unnerving feeling. Can anyone relate tonight to this happening during a bad flareup?? Thanks in advance to anyone. Member.........Pat
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    what you are talking about. I hardly ever get ANY sleep. No matter what I do or what I take - if I get more than 3 hours of sleep a day I am blessed. And I must say that comes very little. As far as the tingling, yes, I get that too. I mainly get it in the feet and hands but it has been known to move at times. I hate it. I have searched for the cause but to no avail other than the FM. I do wonder if being insulin resistant may be a problem but my mom who is diabetic thinks it would be to early to see signs from this but who know with all these illness what really is normal.
    I hope you can get some sleep. Take care and take it easy.

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    I'm still around, its almost 11pm here in Louisiana. I do not go to bed before 12 midnight, if I do I wake up much too early and can't go back to sleep.

    I only get that tingling feeling sometimes, and yes, I hate it too.

    Have had a bad day myself, this is the first flare with the pain in my upper back that I have had in a very longtime. They longer between the flare, the more it seems to hurt.

    As for sleep, well this is the first time in my life that I am sleeping 7-8 hours a night.

    I take Xanax at 7pm

    ZMA (zinc, magnesium and vitamin B-6) at 9pm

    Melatonin (2 1/2 milligrams) right before bed.

    This is a magic formula for me, first time I ever found something that really made me sleep deeply. I have tried every prescription drug, and OTC's that were available untill I just gave up!

    Like you all, I would sleep one or two hours in a whole night.

    If you can find something that agrees with you for sleep, it will make a world of difference in how your over all health will be.

    I think the magnesium is a big help with the tingling, unless its caused by diabetes, which it will also help.

    HOpe you ladies get some relief and sleep too.........

    Shalom, Shirl

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    Thank you so much for taking the time to write tonight. Its also nearly 11:30 and I'm still feeling tingly and have that "anxious feeling" so hopefully the 2 advil I took for fms pain - upper and lower back alot today and the burning and etc. you know the rest.........I'm going to print your message re: the formula you take for sleep. You're always there and gosh I do appreciate it sooooooo much. Wishing you the best tonight and always.......
    peace, love and joy..........Pat