anyone present like this ?

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    Hi all,

    I have been battling with right shoulder pain that goes up into my neck at times and around into my chest at times..this last year it has gone down my arm as well..It has always really stayed just right sided though. I have been dealing with this over 10 yrs...I saw a rheumatologist once who worked up a highly positive ANA titer and went back to seem him this week since my flares seem to stick around a lot longer...He told me it was just fibro flaring up and to get more sleep, start to exercise and reduce stress while he handed me a pamphlet...I mentioned that when i try to exercise i run myself down after 1 or 2 times and that i heard a lot of crunching in my right shoulder so i stopped exercising..Work thru it was the advice...And make lifestyle modifications---which i have already...I wasn't thinking this was like fibro since it is confined to one area of the body rather than all over...Anyone ever present like this ? Anyone ever get them selves into an execise program that seemed to help ? Looking for some advice as to what types of things help without sending you off into a bad flare for days...

    thanks for your thoughts,
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    Started just in my back. Woke up one day and couldn't move due to EXTREME back pain. Went to chiro and pcp for a month, and they kept telling me was just a bad sprain, but were confused that I didn't injure myself doing any activity. Finally, the symptoms started jumping all over the place. Knees hurt so bad (like glass chunks in knees!) while walking that I almost couldn't do it at all, then terrible pain in hips, face killing me, then awful pain in my elbow. Now, mind you, these were one at a time mostly for the first 2 mos of my illness! I seriously thought I'd developed an incredible case of hypochondria because symptoms were so weird. Journaled 130 pages of weirdo symptoms in a 2 week period! lol

    So, yeah...definitely had fibro in one are of body. Recently, Its been worst in knees and hips, and left arm. Had to stop work immediately, such a mess. I'm trying Aquatic therapy (not aerobics! physical therapy in water!) and literally can only stand abt 15 minutes of MINOR stretching, even in 0 gravity environment of 90 degree pool! It might be helping a tiny bit with fatigue, but hard to tell...I've only been 5 times. Plus, I have bad days and worse days, kinda.

    Hope this helped some!
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    How long have you had fibro ? That was all in the first few months of it? wow---sounds like you've been thru a lot.Hope things do get better...

    I didn't get what aquatic therapy was but i saw it in a brochure the other day and thought about trying that. My chiro thinks this is myofascial pain syndrome since it is confined to one area and doesn't seem to travel much (esp in the 10 yrs it has been going on)..Guess i am just confused as to what to do since there are so many varying opinions and i keep running into many physical therapists with entirely different ideas---not sure the insurance will put up with so many pt visits..first group didn't help me much..

    thanks for the post though---it does help to hear others..

    take care
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    I have had chronic headache for almost 30 years, but the thing that sent me back to a neurologist was the pain and numbness in my LEFT side. He ruled out everything then sent me to a rheumy who disgnosed FM. I also have Lyme.
    I get a lot of help from my chiropractor. Also, many supplements have helped me also. Magnesium is a biggy and useful for a lot of things.
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    Had to reply because shoulder pain that went around the front and into my neck was what got my FM diagnosed. I have had to go to PT - ultrasound, warm packs, and massage.

    Hope yours gets better!

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    Believe it or not, I literally woke up and couldn't move on June 14, 2005. That was the beginning of my that I look back I can see autoimmune issues into my childhood, but nothing that even led me to try to find a diagnosis until woke up with back pain...all that nonsense is since then! Sheesh! So, when I say you guys are really propping me up on these boards, I mean it! Up till 3 1/2 mos ago I was healthy, active, happy, full time worker.

    Re: Aquatic therapy (not to be confused with water aerobics...its way different)...I just wrote the mother of all marathon posts telling all about it in post called "Milkie...water aerobics?"....feel free to read all abt it. Info is in 2 or 3 posts cause I kept adding info. I highly highly recommend it. I literally just started 2 weeks ago, but it is soooo relaxing and great for pain in that water. Don't know if really helping long term yet, but at least my docs stopped yelling at me to "exercise!!!!" when I'm trying to explain that on a good day I can dress and brush my teeth, ok? I'm sure it'll be good long term, plus its fun!
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    Yes, I have had similar neck and shoulder trouble chronically for over 10 years. I have to keep my neck and back well massaged. I go at least twice a month. Because of an old injury, and the basic action of FMS, the myofascia tightens up and contorts everything, causing strange nerve sensations.

    I take all the typical fibro meds, but massage (and stretching) is the only thing that keeps the tingling, numbness, headaches, and pain in my upper chest under control. Theoretically, we should be able to retrain our bodies to stay in position with regular massage and/or chiropractic. But, chronic injury folks like us are always the exception!

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    Thanks for all your responses..It seems like maybe this could be fibro...I just keep reading about all those unfortunate folks who sound so miserable with the pain and think--i'm very lucky that i'm not that bad. I fell into the massage thing by accident and until recently when i couldn't find a good one to work with did things just start to unravel all over..

    My wish is that you all are doing much better---i know there are up and down days but hopefully there are more up days in your future :)

    thanks !
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    My first diagnosis with FM was with terrible lower rib pain felt like the muscle had been sep. from the bone. it was terrible than it slowly progressed to other parts of the body I do also struggle with shoulder pain that radiates down and neck pain as well. I also agree water therapy helps whatever hurts. I wish I was still doing it.I find stretch it sometimes relieves the numbing sensation. Hope you feel better soon to you and everyone!!