Anyone read the article about Insulin Potentiation Therapy?

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    There is an article in the Health watch newsletter Volume XII, No.1 about this new treatment written by Dale Guyer, M.D. He ia a holistic family physician. For this treatment, basically, the patient is given a series of oral supplements, then is given a low dose of insulin(intravenous) When the blood sugar gets down to the mid 20's it's known as the therapeutic window - the timeframe when cell membrane permeability is at its max & cell uptake of the active meds will be greatest.

    If anyone else had read this article, I'd be interested in hearing your thoughts. Would you do it if you had the chance?

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    just bumping!!
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    Yes, I read this article. Like so many of us, I have reactive hypoglycemia, and it would take a lot of convincing evidence for me to let anyone take my blood sugar down that low. That is so dangerous. The adrenal counter-reaction would be frightening. I'd need to see a lot more info on this one before I'd try it.