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  1. sssupermom

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    Book by a new zealand Doctor Bruce Duncan the title is CFIDS, fibromyalgia, and the virus-allergy link. new therapy for chronic functional illnesses.
    It is interesting information there.
    By the way who is madwolf? She/he is popular in this website, why?
  2. tandy

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    the book sounds like a good read! I'll see if I can locate it,as I love to read~ Madwolf has gained alot of attention here!! He is a PA,a physicians Assistant. Everyone bombards him with questions!! Poor guy has to work in and out of his office! He does'nt seem to mind and always trys to help~ Have a great day!
  3. Mikie

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    Madwolf has gone above and beyond in his generosity by sharing his expertise with us. All our members contribute in various ways, some by making our new members feel welcomed, some by researching and sharing, and some by offering their medical expertise. Also, by sharing our symptoms, side effects from drugs, treatments, etc. we are contributing to the collective knowledge of the board. Knowledge is power when it comes to treating our illnesses and healing.

    Love, Mikie
  4. sssupermom

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    thanks you guys, Does madwolf have any of our diseases? by the way this book suggest that most of our symptoms come from virus,like polio...ect(can't remember) but this Doctor injects it back into the blood system to cause a reaction from our bodies