Anyone removed root canals?

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    I just had my fourth root canal today, although two friends were advising against it because they said root canals can harm your health. I thought, well, I've already got 3, what's one more? But when the dentist was finished I asked him " So how do you know you got all the infection out?" and he said "Oh, we don't. The canals are the problem, so once we clean them out, the body heals the infection." This doesn't make sense to me! How could it heal when it's sealed in there?

    Anyway, now I've been reading some stuff on the internet that says ALL root canals harbour infection and can cause systemic illness (like CFS, etc....) So I'm wondering -- has anyone had their root canals removed? And did you feel better afterwards?

    (Of course, if you did feel better you probably wouldn't be hanging around this message board anymore! But I'll keep my fingies crossed and hope to hear from anyone who's done this.)

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    There is nothing to actually remove after a root canal procedure. During the procedure, infected nerve and pulp is removed and the canal is empty afterward and sealed.

    I had an infection after having a root canal. Sure didn't feel like all the nerves were removed. The infection was horrible and very painful. I went on antibiotic therapy before the dentist went back in and unsealed the canal and redid the procedure. After it was all done, no more problems, and I did feel much better.

    So, if infection gets really bad after a root canal procedure, it can be cleaned out again and antibiotics can help.

    I understand the concern regarding infection. The information that you've read is all theory and unproven. However, it could be possible as infection in the root of the tooth theoretically could go systemic. Infection also causes an inflammatory reaction in the body; could also cause cardiac problems.

    Don't know if this helps, hopefully it does a little.
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    A couple of people replied that they didn't know of any problems with root canals. Dr. Joseph Mercola's ( states that ALL root canals are a problem. I'm hoping that's an overstatement... but here's a post from the CFS bulletin board made last year that also talks about what a huge health problem root canals can cause, from the experience of a doctor they knew:

    "Dear Dove,
    Please let me tell you what happened to me:

    I had a Oakland, who had CFIDS/Fibro. He was really upset because he couldln't get any help from fellow doctors. He has a friend who is an oral surgeon, and they were talking about it. The oral surgeon suggested that the Dr. have a scan to investigate the possibility of infection in the bone. Pockets of infection were found where the Dr. had had root canals. They were biopsied and removed by use of surgery and antibiotics. The Dr. is 80% better, now.

    This same Dr. told me that he had had over 70 patients whose DD's had been caused by infections at the base of old root canals. It seems that it is almost impossible for dentists to get all of the infection out, so it remains, and over time, the bone marrow is affected.

    I have 4 pockets of infection at the base of 4 root canals. My problem is that I'm allergic to all antbiotics, so I am still struggling. These 2 doctors firmly beliee that one of the causes of these DD's, for many people, is bone marrow infection, caused by root canals.

    So that's my story. Take it for what it's worth. The Dr. is Dr. Tufft, and the oral surgeon is Dr. Swann, in Milpitas, California.

    Good luck to you, whtever decision you make."

    It would be a real pain, and expensive, to get my four root canals extracted. I'd probably have to get a partial plate because I don't like the idea of implants even if I could afford them.

    But if I truly thought it would give me my health and strength back, I'm pretty sure I'd go for it.
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    Hi Sunspot,

    I had a root canal over 30 years ago. When I first learned that root canals could be problematic, I began to strongly suspect I probably had problems with mine. Dentist after dentist assured me however that nothing seemed to be amiss, that everything looked very healthy.

    I finally decided however, based on gut instinct, to have it extracted. When I got to the oral surgeon, he wanted to take a very detailed x-ray of it with his latest digital equipment. He assured me that if it had any kind of infection, he would see it. Well, it came up negative, and I again was persuaded to leave it.

    Four more years go by. I then learned about a new root canal procedure using laser technology for sterilizing a root canal, and a new calcium oxide compound (Biocalex, also known as Endocal) that thoroughly sealed it. This has apparently been used in Europe for many years, and a few holistic minded dentists were doing it here. And, it could be used to replace old root canals that could be (and likely were) infected.

    Well, there were only two dentists in the entire state of Oregon doing this. I made an appointment, drove 3 hours to get there, and had a whopping headache upon arriving. Daily chronic headaches were normal for me, and driving always exacerbated them.

    So, I’m sitting in the chair, wondering how I’m going to survive this and get myself back home. Within a short time of starting, the dentist suddenly says, “smell that? that’s the smell of infection”. And then, almost miraculously, my headache disappeared on the spot and a sense of relaxation settled over my body. I was then relatively headache free for several weeks until the infection began to reestablish itself.

    To make a long story short, we were not able to save the tooth, and I ended up having it extracted. But on the day I finally had it extracted, I had a similar experience. Went to my appointment in the morning, came home and was able to sleep. When I woke up, despite having the pain of extraction, my headache was 75% better, and my body felt very relaxed. It felt like (and still does) that a huge weight had been lifted from my body. Though I still have headaches, they are significantly improved since the extraction.

    From what I’ve read, infections that are normally associated with root canals are not the aerobic ones that can become painful and very apparent. Instead, they are primarily anaerobic infections that are asymptomatic, but that can produce very toxic metabolic wastes. These wastes apparently can cause serious problems in many other parts of the body. I remember reading of people having root canals removed and then having seemingly disparate problems clear up in their stomach, liver, GI tract, etc.

    I believe you have good reason to be concerned. Good luck as your pursue your research. If you do end up considering the calcium oxide material, you may read about some concern as to whether it may make the tooth more brittle. Though I don’t believe this has been a problem in Europe, you may want to look for any evidence of it.

    Regards, Wayne

    P.S. The field of holistic dentistry is a rapidly changing field, and I would encourage you to try to access the most recent information available.
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    Hi Wayne,

    Thanks so much for sharing your experience. Am I right to say that it sounds like it was beneficial for you to have the tooth extracted, but that it didn't really improve your energy?

    Also, just curious -- did you leave the gap or get a bridge? I'd probably need to get a partial plate...

  6. Engel

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    and ended up losing the tooth 2 years later (and had a great deal of pain). I will not have another root canal. As far as it affecting your health ... I don't know about that? I wonder about those rods for implants. I would think those would be far more likely to affect one's health.
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    Interesting stories. The only thing I can add is that I've had a multitude of root canals spanning many years. Four years ago I had my upper teeth replaced with a denture. Quite a few had had root canals. Removing them didn't help my FM in any way that I noticed.

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    Some times it is our bodies that just don't heal and can't fight the infections we have. As a dental assistant I learned that the bone does not heal as fast as the rest of our mouth does. Bone does not have the blood supply that your gums do so it is harder for the body to heal any infection we get in it.

    My hope is that one day dentists will not have to numb patients with lidocaine. I am one person who feels every drop of the anesthic{SP} as it is given.

    It is so painfull for me to be numbed up but i can't deal with the pain if the tooth is not numb. For me this problem started the first time I had a shot to mumb me up. And it only gets more painfull as the years go by.

    Yes I hope that one day they{ Dentists} will find better ways to fix our teeth and not have to do those painful root canals.
    I had one tooth a molar that needed a root canal done and it took over 20 years to get it totally fixed. I had it started twice and finished twice and then another root was found and it had a root canal done.

    I had surgery to fix it and while it helped it did not take the pain away,. AFter years of having it flair up I fianlly had it pulled. I now have a bridge to cover that missing tooth. But I still can feel pain when I bite hard on somethings and there is NO tooth there to cause me pain.

    So now that my molar is gone I am ok . The other root canals I have had done are ok. They don't bother me anymore. But It would be nice to not have to have such trauma done to my teeth . I hope that soon more dentists will find other ways of treating teeth who's nerves have died from either decay, or trauma. For it is that dying nerve that causes us so much pain .

    It is the thing that causes infections and gases that build up and put pressure on the tooth. So I will be thrilled when the dentists find other ways to treat teeth that have problems like this.
    Sorry about the rant hope I didn't upset any one, this is just my story.
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    Hi again Sunspot,

    I felt it was highly beneficial to have my tooth extracted. Not only did I experience a significant reduction in headache intensity and chronic nausea, but I had an intuitive feeling a very noxious toxicity was gone. I might add I learned while researching that older root canals were filled with much higher concentrations of mercury and formaldehyde. Yikes!

    Did it improve my energy? Not substantially. However, it feels now like it was another significant layer I needed to address for myself. I continue to feel confident that once I adequately address all of my layers, I will be poised for remission.

    Re: Bridgework issues – I had my right front tooth and smaller one next to it extracted at the same time. We then did a bridge over these front teeth. I was working with a cranial sacral therapist at the time who confirmed for me, along with my own energetic testing, that the material chosen was biocompatible.

    [Side note – I’ve read a lot on Huggins and his insistence on blood biocompatibility testing for dental materials. Though I have great respect for him, I disagree with him on this. As one person mentioned to me, how do you know that a material you’re biocompatible with this week is going to hold true for next week and beyond. I think I remember her saying she personally knew of people who had that experience.]

    I’ve been surprised to hear that some people have the “anchor teeth” root-canaled when doing bridgework. That was not the case for me. Though getting bridgework can be a bit tedious, as temporary bridges are used until there is complete healing, I am very happy I did this. It actually came out beautifully, and I have better looking teeth now than before I started. And somewhat surprisingly, it is totally comfortable.

    Final note – While wearing a temporary bridge and waiting for the tissue in the extraction site to heal, it can become a problematic area. Bleeding is common and infection can occur. Upon hearing this, I immediately went into a program of daily oil pulling, followed by holding healing clay in my mouth, followed by putting small amounts of goldenseal powder in my mouth. Also did frequent irrigation. The dentist and staff were amazed (and grateful) how quickly things healed and how healthy and the area remained until all the work was completed.

    While having this root canal removed was the right thing for me, I’m not one to advocate it’s the right thing for everybody. Everybody has different circumstances. I chose to address it when everything was telling me to make it a priority.

    Regards, Wayne

    P.S. I decided during all this that I would never do any implants. I personally feel I'm too sensitive to any kind of metal.
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