Anyone scared of getting pregnant with FM?

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  1. GEC

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    Hey everyone. i am 26, and i do want kids sometime, but i am a little uneasy about it. i am afraid that i wont be able to take care of them without getting tired, drained and sick. i babysit a lot for only a few hours and i am totally beat afterwards. i get do worn out. i never used to, i grew up in a house with 6 children. it is very scary how tired i get. how will i care for my own?

    thanks everyone!!!
  2. GEC

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    Hey everyone. i am 26, and i do want kids sometime, but i am a little uneasy about it. i am afraid that i wont be able to take care of them without getting tired, drained and sick. i babysit a lot for only a few hours and i am totally beat afterwards. i get do worn out. i never used to, i grew up in a house with 6 children. it is very scary how tired i get. how will i care for my own?

    thanks everyone!!!
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    I have had cfs for 17 years, although did not get diagnosed until 1995. I started trying for a family in 1986 and found that I had unexplained infertility. I tried 7 IVF treatments unsuccessfully until 1993, when I no longer had any strength left and stopped. Now I am 42 and can hardly look after myself. If I got pregnant now I would be devastated. Initially for years doctors kept thinking my tiredness was due to depression caused by me not having children, even though I never actually suffered from depression. I am sure that my infertility was caused by my cfs. You are still very young and I am sure they will come up with some sort of cure soon, so you can have children and raise them properly. Best of Luck

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    I think about that all the time!! I'm 33 (going on 34) and of course this is a hot topic right now.

    I just got married in June. I am an only child so of course my mother wants grandchildren. She's been really understanding and hasn't bothered me about it though.

    I'm concerned about not only taking care of another person (as I can barely take care of myself these days), but also passing the FM onto my child!

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    Hi Gail,

    I was diagnosed last year but I'm doing much better now. I almost 100% pain and fatigue free! I am slowly coming off of my meds in the hopes of getting pregnant and very concerned about my pain and fatigue levels once I'm med free. However; many people here have said that they have had little or no FM symptoms during pregnancy. I'm also concerned about after the pregnancy but plan on going back on meds as soon as possible. Good luck to you.

  6. Shoobie

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    That is great news!! I'm so glad to hear you're feeling so well!

    I've heard the same thing about a "remission" during pregnancy.

    Good luck with getting pregnant and keeping the pain away! I wish you all the best!

  7. mistyb

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    of getting pregnant, and in the process of doing so right now. I have two other children that I gave birth to before being diagnosed with FM. It is a challenge sometimes, but thankfully I have a supportive family to help. I have two boys and would love to have another. There are many days when I question my judgement call, but then I believe they are worth every moment. This DD took away a lot from me, and this is one thing I am choosing not to give up on.

    I am currently in process of weaning from Pamelor, and this is the last medication that I am on. I have had to resort to taking Zanaflex or more than a few Tylenol. I experience some discomfort but not like I was before going on the meds.

    Keep your fingers crossed for me this month, and I will send good vibes to all of you who are interested in trying. I can only say that this is a huge decision, and it is okay to not have children. I think we get caught up in a world where society deems it something that a couple does. Best of luck in your decisions!

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    Hi Gail,
    I have 5 children ages 3 to 16.4 boys and 1 girl. I have been in chronic pain since I was 20 and in a car accident. I chose to have each one of our blessings.The pain from my 2 degenerating discs was the worse problem during each of them. I have suffered from the all over muscle ache and fatigue for over 10 years but was always told that it was because of my back and I just dealt with it. I now know I have had FM all along. Having been in pain for so long I really do not know anything else.Can't remember what it was like to not hurt. But, I have chosen to continue living my life and loving my children and wonderful husband. It is not always easy,,,,,there are days I would like to curl up and hide but you get up and go on. Albeit maybe a bit slower but you go on.The hardest thing for me is that I found out that my mom was DX about 10 years ago with FM.She never said anything because the dr.told her there was nothing she could do about it. she believed him and has lived a really hard life not understanding what was happening to her body. So, I am concerned about the heredity thing but I pray over my children and trust that they will be fine. Please do not let fear keep you from having kids. I will be praying for you.......Kathleen
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    I am in a slightly different situation. See, I have been blessed with two children that are not "mine" by blood but they are "MINE" in my heart and soul. Marc is 11 and Ashton is 10. I have always felt God put me on this earth to be a mother, now I know why.

    With all of the fear that this is hereditary, I can not in right consciousness pass this onto my children. So, I will be a mother in a different way...but I will take it just the way it is and wouldnt have it any other way.

    the other option....adoption. That is something I would love to check out.

    Namaste and luck to you
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    i have 5 kids the last was born in march,somehow i always find a way,even though there are days i can barley walk or get out of bed,i belive that god blessed me and that he will help me threw and he always dose even when i dont think its possible,
  11. mistyb

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    I seem to be having difficulty coming off the Pamelor. I was on low dose of 40mg, and doctor told me to decrease by 10mg per week. I made it to the 20 and after two days, started to feel like I was going to crash. Problem is I could be pregnant now. Scary thought! I guess I will call doctor today to see what to do.
  12. severina

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    Im almost 14 weeks pregnant now, and I can say that some of my fibro symptoms have eased. I think its also psychological too, since I think more about the baby now, and a bit less on my fibro problems and pains. However I do still have an unending symptom list.!!
    good luck
  13. Shoobie

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    I found this very interesting. If you do a search in the Library here, there's more information about Relaxin...

    IMHO, I don't believe that Relaxin is the cause of FM/CF, but perhaps it is a key player. It may explain why some women have reduced symptoms or go into remission during pregnancy.

    Dr. Yue noticed over the years that many female fibromyalgia patients had increased symptoms one week before and during menstruation, and had greatly aggravated symptoms during and after menopause. Many women also experienced remission of their symptoms during pregnancy, with symptoms returning within one to two months after delivery.


    Dr. Samuel Yue noted that many women with fibromyalgia enjoy a reduction or even a remission of symptoms during pregnancy. He then began to research the hormonal changes during pregnancy. The most striking change is a ten-fold increase in the ovarian hormone called relaxin.

    This finding is consistent with the fact that many fibromyalgia patients have their first symptoms after removal of the ovaries or after menopause. Both
    of these conditions greatly reduce relaxin levels - a problem not addressed by the usual hormone therapies. Further research revealed that 70% of female patients experience dramatic improvement when relaxin supplementation is used. Only 30% of male patients experience this improvement.

    Raynaud's phenomenon is also known to disappear during pregnancy, by the way, suggesting that this condition may also be an insufficiency of relaxin.

    Just some more food for thought.
  14. Hippo

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    Hi, I have had 3 children with CFS/FM, actually I even had twins when I was over 40. It has been difficult, but I have survived. My symptoms did not ease during pregnancy, in fact they became worse. I am really glad I did it; I was an "old" mom; I was thinking of waiting until I got well. That never happened, so now I am almost 50 and I have 3 beautiful little girls. My husband just dumped us, so I am especially grateful for my children. Incidentally, my husband dumped me because of the health problems. I can't tell you what to do, but I was sick long before I got pregnant and long after, and it is doable. Also I have no help. Good luck.

  15. Karrot

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    Hi Gail, I just got off birth control with the intention of getting pregnant. My husband really wants kids and I am looking forward to it myself. But I very much hear you. I am so scared that I won't have the energy to take care of a baby. But whenever I get overcome with worry I just figure I will deal with the situation when it comes. And I know that no matter what, I will love my baby to death and will go through anything to take care of him/her. And I have a wonderful and understanding husband who I know will be a huge help. I can't not have kids. But I do share your concern - I get sooo worn out from watching kids - even my own nieces! I just pray it will be very different when they are my own. Have faith in yourself. Don't let your health keep you from such a wonderful blessing. I know I'm not.

    don't give up,
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    I applaud your understanding of the nature of personal responsibility, and I totally agree with you. Bravo.
  17. granmama

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    ...very concerned but would like to have another child.
    She has a 7 yr.old with ADHD and a 5 yr old. She had a tubal ligation after the last child.

    Now, she just re-married and they have been discussing tubal reversal. He has never had any children of his own.
    From a mom/granmama's prospective, I am very concerned about her going through this process, not knowing for sure if it will be successful.
    FM is not the only issue either. She is PKU and must maintain a strict diet to protect the baby.
    Needless to say, there are many "if's" in her situation.
    She has her hands full right now dealing with her son's ADHD(which aggravates her anxiety) plus her fm. Then, there is the process of going off all meds.
    Personally, I feel she would be opening Pandora's box!

    It is not my place to tell her no, but I sure hate seeing her placed in a position that could potentially bring disappointment, more pain and anxiety.

    Well, I guess I wanted to vent on this subject pertaining to my daughter.
    thanks for listening,
  18. cioc1212

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    My pregnancy is what did me in. Before that I'd had periodic flares, from pregnancy on(my daughter is 5), I've been pretty much disabled. However, I didn't take good care of myself while pregnant. I was under stress, had an older child, was working full-time and doing the "Perfect Mom" routine. Never stopped to put my feet up. I continued that till I collapsed when my daughter was around 2yrs.

    I chose to not have any more, my hubby has gone for the big V. I was going to have at least 1 more but don't feel like I can risk any health I have left. But I have 2 kids, a boy and a girl. My doctors said that it's impossible to know, with the next pregnancy I could feel BETTER, every pregnancy is different.

    If I WERE thinking of having another, I would start by doing anything I could to relieve external stressors. I would walk every day PRIOR to getting knocked up, I would take more time to sleep and rest and eat right. I would pamper myself silly. I would NOT work fulltime.

    I think that had I done some of these things I might have had a different outcome.

    On a happier note, my daughter is the light of my life and all three of us(me,hubby and her older 'brudder') worship the ground she walks on. My children are the reason I keep going every day. Without them I think I'd just give up and throw in the towel with all this pain and suffering.