Anyone see a Pain Management Dr?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by mom2many, Oct 28, 2008.

  1. mom2many

    mom2many New Member

    I'm getting no where with my Dr so my aunt told me I really need to see her Dr, a Pain Management Dr. I have never see one but when I lived in FL I was told many times about how the PM Dr.'s were awful with FM patients. So I'm also not sure what to expect from a PM Dr. How are they different from other Dr? I'm dealing with a lot that causes chronic pain so do they need to know about everything that causing me pain? I'm dealing with FM, recurring shingles (I mean recurring like every month to every other month in the same location), endo, PCOS & 24/7 headaches.
  2. mom2many

    mom2many New Member

    Thank you SkeptikSharon, you were very helpful.
  3. CanBrit

    CanBrit Member

    I've just had 1 appointment with a pain doc so far. I walked (hobbled) into his office and he asked my if I had any burning pain in my arms and legs. I said yes and then he said I didn't have FM. Interesting. I think the guy must be phsychic! I do have FM but am now suspecting I have Osteoarthritis. I had a recent MRI on my shoulder and it showed degenerative disease. I likely have that in my neck and spine as well.

    He is arranging for me to have an MRI on my spine as he thinks that's my problem. I'm having to follow through with him as I'm trying to get short term disability and the more Dr's the better. He also is one that does spinal injections.

    I'll do anything I can to reduce the pain I feel but I'm kind've concerned as the shots are $350 and is not covered by my health plan and with me being off since July 1, we don't have a nickel to rub together.

    I do hope that this one is a good one for you. All any of us are looking for is some relief.

    All the best,

  4. mom2many

    mom2many New Member

    Thank you Eileen. My aunt has been seeing this Dr of hers for 3 years and seams to like him a lot so he sounds like a good Dr.

    On a side note my Dr hasn't even offered Lyrica or Neurontin and will NOT give me ANY kind of pain med RX and I have been seeing her about a year!
  5. SkeptikSharon

    SkeptikSharon New Member

    I'm kind of surprised that your doctor has not offered you Lyrica yet, as that seems to be the new in thing and most doctors are jumping on that bandwagon. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure it helps for a lot of people. I'm just not one of those people, and most other doctors I see think it is the greatest new drug for FM patients, almost a cure-all. But its not. I think it depends on the actual pain you are having and the cause of that pain, as even that varies from patient to patient in FM.

    As for pain meds, that doesn't surprise me. Most doctors are extremely hesitant to prescribe pain meds and are always afraid of getting in trouble for it. If that's what you need, then an actual pain mgmt doc may be your best bet. But pain meds themselves can bring their own set of issues, though for many, they are the most effective thing.
  6. caffey

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    I have been seeing on for a couple of years. I am very pleased with him. I am treated with dignity and respect. We have worked hard to get the right combo of meds. He listens to me and increases the meds if I am flared. I have ra., fm, oa and other junk. He believes in fm and he is honest in telling me about my unrealistic expectations but really does try to help me.
  7. mom2many

    mom2many New Member

    Thank you very much Cath, I'm feeling better about giving a PM Dr. a try.

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