Anyone see Dr. Natelson?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by KMD90603, Feb 2, 2007.

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    I have an appointment with my ID doc on friday the 9th. I'm praying that it goes well, however, he has yet to do anything of significance to treat my CFS. So, my husband and I were talking and we decided that if my ID doc still is not helping me, then I will go out of state to one of these more noteable doctors. I mean, I pay $40 a pop to see my ID doc, so if I'm wasting money anyway, what's an extra thousand or so?

    One doctor I researched was Dr. Natelson. I guess he's located in New Jersey, and I'm in Pennsylvania. I also found Dr. Enlander is in Manhattan; however, I read the post last week about someone who was disappointed with how their first appointment with him went. Has anyone been to see Dr. Natelson? If so, would you recommend him? And, what kinds of tests/treatments does he do?

    Also, are there any other GOOD doctors around my area. Like I said, I'll travel if I have to.

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    there is also Dr Levine in NYC, and a Dr Podell in NJ.

    i know Dr Levine is very nice, and many people here see her.

    i don't know anything about Dr Podell, but i see his name alot in CFS circles. he was one of the Docs in on the Ampligen trial.

    if you post a topic looking for info on Dr Podell and Dr Levine i would bet you will get replies.

    Dr Podells website is

    if you need help getting contact info let me know.

  3. ephemera

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    bumping for Natelson info

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