Anyone see Dr. Salvato in Houston?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by jlw1980, Sep 8, 2009.

  1. jlw1980

    jlw1980 New Member

    Hi, All. I've been diagnosed with FM and ME for 9 years. I recently moved to Northeast Texas (an hour east of Dallas). I've heard Dr. Salvato is great. I am willing to make the 4+ hour drive to see her if it's worthwhile, because I'm fed up with these diseases. They've ruined my life, which I know many of you relate to.

    I need to know what insurance she takes. I have Aetna Choice POS II. I found her on their Doc Find web site a few weeks ago, but now can't find her! I'll be so upset if she no longer takes them. Does anyone know?

    Please let me know how you like her if you've seen her, as well. Thanks!
  2. dmholmes

    dmholmes New Member

    I've seen her a few times, very nice lady. Treatment so far has just consisted of weekly glutathione shots which don't seem to do much for me. Her office name is Diversified Medical, phone is 713-961-7100. I don't know which insurance they take.

  3. jlw1980

    jlw1980 New Member


    Thank you for your response! She does take my insurance and I'm trying to schedule an appointment, despite living 4.5 hours away! I've heard and read wonderful things about her.

    Does anyone else have any experience with her? What about any good docs in Dallas? I live much closer to there than to Houston, but am willing to make the drive for a great doc. Nine years of this crap is too long!

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  4. Dlebbole

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    Wow, there must be good doctors closer to you! But, I have been seeing Dr. Salvato for years and I really appreciate her. While I haven't tried anything new lately, I really believe that the fludrocortisone she prescribes has made a big difference for me (raises blood pressure). She also prescribes antibiotics for presumed lyme infections. This has been helpful also. She is wonderfully kind. I drive about an hour and a half to see her and feel it's well worth it. Good luck!
  5. skeptik2

    skeptik2 Member

    She is a great dr! Her CV is about 30 pages long and much experience
    in AIDS and CFS both.

    have you also checked They have a good drs list; may be
    one closer to you than houston...

  6. tgeewiz

    tgeewiz Member

    I have gone to her off and on for about 4 years.

    She is a good doctor, but sometimes you have to present alternatives to her and she will generally prescribe what you are requesting. But, unfortunately she doesn't give you a list of things that might work for you. The glutathione shots that she prescribes didn't do anything for me.

    One thing that she is good at is writing letter that are needed for SSDI. I do not think that I could have won my case without her help.

    Her nurse - either Carol/Caroline (can't remember which) - is also good.

    Best wishes.

  7. frickly

    frickly New Member

    I have been seeing Dr. Salvato for several months. The glutithione/ATP injections have made a tremendous improvement in my muscle fatigue. She also tested me for mycoplasmal infections and put me on antibiotics for this. This decreased my pain by about 80%. I think it would be worth a trip.

    Take care,
  8. marw

    marw New Member

    Hi Frickly,

    I have been away from the boards a long time, but have a new computer now so I hope to spend more time here.

    I'm afraid I don't know this doctor, I lilve in another part of the country.

    But....what are mycoplasmal infections? Is this a part of FM or something different?

  9. frickly

    frickly New Member

    This is a bacteria that seems to be common in those with Chronic Fatigue syndrome and Gulf War Illness. It is very difficult to get rid of and can cause a great deal of pain and symptoms simular to MS and RA. There are many types but the most common found in CFS are; M. fermentans, M. hominis, M. penetrans and M. pneumoniae which I have. I am unsure if it is common in Fibro.

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