Anyone see Dr. Vrchota in Mn

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    I have an apt in May for possible Lyme and viruses.

    Did you see her, what did you think, did you get better with her treatment.

    I'm freaked out because I was on antibiotics for Lyme for three weeks before I had to quit due to a yeast infection that woudln't go away even though I was on anti-fungals and an anti-candida diet.

    I had no herx, no difference of feeling. So I'm worried I won't have Lyme.

    Also, I heard from someone that Dr Vrchota that even though the person was on antibiotics for 18 months and their Igenix still showed as pos, that Dr. V said that the person just had CFS and was discharged. I'm also worried that for viruses she just put the person on an herbal product and vitamins and minerals for CFS. I have interstitial Cystitis and can't take vitamins, herbals and supplements.

    Did you have viruses and did she treat with any prescription anti-virals?

    My igenex results 2 years ago:
    34 IND
    39 ++
    41 IND
    66 +
    41 IND
    58 ++

    If it's not Lyme I'm screwed. I don't want just CFS as I've been getting worse for 5 years and haven't gotten better. My husband has told me if I want to end it, I can because I'm suffering too much.

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    LISALOO New Member

    Also, do you know if Dr V treats viruses with pharmeceuticals? I can't do herbs or natural antivirals due to IC.

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